Group exhibition at 2B Art Gallery Portals Nous

 “Dialogues” Group Exhibition & Mallorca Tastes and Music

2B Art Gallery Portals Nous Mallorca proudly presents art exhibitions, live painting shows, and activities that inspire human connection. And we kick off with the exciting urban art group exhibition “Dialogues”.

“Dialogues” Group Exhibition

Beginning this Thursday, May 19 at 7 pm, works by the internationally celebrated urban art artists Nick Walker, Ben Eine, The London Police, Dotmaster, El Pez, SheOne, as well as local Spanish artists Carolina Adán, Javier Garló, setdebelleza, Gràcia Ribalaiga, Joan Aguiló, Twoflü, and Ruth M. Scheibler, will be on view at the 2B Art Gallery in Portals Nous, Mallorca.

Nick Walker painting at 2B Art Gallery

The “Dialogues” group exhibition, which brings together a plethora of inspiring, surprising, and thought-provoking paintings, limited edition prints, and sculptures, will provide incredible exposure to the finest urban art masterpieces. Visitors will discover the remarkable talent of these artists, who created an unprecedented pictorial style for the urban art movement. These significant artists have marked the history of urban art and their works are ambassadors par excellence of this movement. The “Dialogue” exhibition highlights the contributions made by urban art artists and their approach to the street art scene that sought to capture the essence of urban art. This exquisite group exhibition will be on view in 2B Art Gallery Portals Nous until June 9, 2022.

Music by DJ Lody Mendez

Born in the Dominican Republic and currently, in Mallorca, Lody Mendez is a model who combines fashion with her passion for fresh and casual music, usually deep house and tribal music.

DJ Lody Mendez portrait picture

Her DJ sets transmit subtle emotional matter, guiding people through unexpected musical routes to achieve the optimal experience where everything unites and becomes one. DJ Lody Mendez has played at Nikki beach, Hotel Me Mallorca, Origin Restaurant, GB gallery, and now at 2B Art Gallery.

Mallorca Tastes by Miquel Clar

After the tour through the world of urban art, experience culinary innovation as visionary chef Miquel Clar will showcase his passion, talent, and gastronomic imagination on the terrace of Astir Restaurant.

Astir restaurant food

The menus are exclusively designed by the well-known chef Miquel Clar and include an exclusive reception followed by a several-course meal, paired with a matching drink and special dessert, chosen to enhance the culinary delights on offer.

Astir restaurant food preparation

Together with Astir Restaurant, 2B Art Gallery is prepared to give you a truly magical night to remember and tastes to savor.

Adorn your world with urban art, music, and the tastes of Mallorca – Join us at the first art exhibition this season at 2B Art Gallery Portals Nous.