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10 Urban Art Artists From Mallorca to Watch and Collect



Whether you’re an art lover or not, this is something you need to know – We break down the top 10 Urban art artists from Mallorca you need to watch and collect. Believe us when we say, it wasn’t a picnic at all to pick just ten. How do you choose the most famous urban art artists from Mallorca? The thing is, art can be hard to define in the first place, perhaps it’s in the eye of the beholder, but these 10 Urban art artists from Mallorca are really something. The sun-drenched Mallorca nestled in the western Mediterranean sea is arguably some of the most popular places to holiday in Europe. Famous for its beautiful beaches, fabulous cocktails, and delicious cuisine (not to mention nightlife and parties), Mallorca is a place to be. But, we are here to examine the art scene of Mallorca.

In fact, the urban art scene of Mallorca and its 10 most famous artists. Working with a wide variety of media, these 10 urban art artists are shaping the contemporary art scene in Mallorca.

Through their murals, paintings, prints, and sculptures, these 10 urban art artists from Mallorca are leaving a significant mark on the Spanish art scene as well, captivating the imaginations of generations to come, and redefining our visual perspective of the art around us. So, without further ado, here are the 10 Urban art artists from Mallorca to watch and collect.

Carolina Adán

The first artist on our list of the 10 Urban art artists from Mallorca to watch and collect is the street art princess of Mallorca, the one and only Carolina Adán. Inspired by an array of movements and visual references from the pop universe, mythology, books, cinematography, music, and street art, Carolina Adán shares her unique part of the personal universe with her audience by addressing the cultural constructions of power, identity, consumerism, and sexuality. Her amazing art bears the message “Art is Life” and can be found all over the streets and corners of Mallorca. Carolina Adán’s magnificent paintings and her first-ever limited edition print can be found in 2B Art Gallery.

Carolina Adan at 2B Art Gallery Palma
Carolina Adán with her painting Monroe at 2B Art Gallery

Abraham Calero

The second artist of our 10 Urban art artists from Mallorca to watch and collect list is Abraham Calero. A well-known street artist of Mallorca who rose to fame in 2010, Abraham Calero crates majestic brilliant combinations of popular art, cinematography, music, and history. His subjects are about the popular art scene and are implemented by the distinctive and calculated approach to street art. In his witty and brilliant works, we can find a neo-pop variation of other famous pop art artists’ subjects, but also some neo-expressionist and street-art influences. And the best part, his street art pieces are all over Mallorca.

Ruth Minola Scheibler aka Mozaikon

Ruth Minola Scheibler aka Mozaikon is a visual artist and designer based in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Her focus is on mosaic processes and materials – working in fine art and temporary installations as well as private, public, and commercial commissions, and teaching. Her mosaics tend to feature animals, and portraits of famous people, including Muhammad Ali’s mosaic and many others. Ruth Minola Scheibler’s incredible art can be found at 2B Art Gallery.

Ruth Minola Scheibler exhibition at 2B Art & Toys Gallery
Ruth Minola Scheibler with her mosaic artwork Micasatucasa #3 at 2B Art Gallery

Calligraffiti Master TwoFlü

An old-school graffiti artist on our 10 Urban art artists from Mallorca to watch and collect list, TwoFlü is a well-known Spanish visual artist and graffiti writer. TwoFlü is renowned for his combination of calligraphy and abstract painting. By often flirting with those two styles, Twoflü creates mesmerizing pieces of art. He paints impeccably detailed artworks that attempt to communicate a broader message through writing that has been aesthetically altered to move beyond the literal meaning – just pure visual poetry. TwoFlü’s amazing pieces are waiting for you at 2B Art Gallery.

Visitors at TwoFlu solo exhibition at 2B Art Gallery
TwoFlü solo exhibition at 2B Art Gallery

Javier Garló

Javier Garló is a visual artist from Mallorca who uses symbolism to express his reflections in art. By questioning our contemporary society, his own generation, and even the loss of values happening to humanity, Javier explores the human being throughout history and our stories in a timeless way. Javier Garló’s street art pieces can be spotted all over Mallorca, while his majestic paintings can be found at 2B Art Gallery. Keen on learning more about Javier Garló?

Adriana Meunié

Another unique artist on our list of 10 Urban art artists from Mallorca to watch and collect. Adriana Meunié is an artist and textile designer from Mallorca. Adriana creates extraordinary pieces of art with fabrics and raw materials. Adriana Meunié’s astonishing pieces are pushing the medium into three dimensions, producing tactile objects that entice viewers to reach out and touch them.


Drawing his inspiration from sources in popular and commercial culture, setdebelleza creates eye-catching artworks with a powerful impact on contemporary life. Through his tongue-and-cheeky style, reflected in his continued interest in using media beyond simply paint and canvas, setdebelleza magically flirts with the viewer and makes him think outside the box. Setdebelleza’s witty pieces and stickers can be found all over Mallorca, while his mind-boggling artworks are at 2B Art Gallery.

setdebelleza solo exhibition at 2B Art & Toys Gallery
setdebelleza shows his Wonder Woman painting at 2B Art Gallery

Francesca Martí

Francesca Martí is a very talented and awarded multidisciplinary artist from Mallorca. Moving across abstract sculpture and “stationary performances”, Francesca Martí‘s art examines the issues facing our contemporary society. Her oeuvre is rooted in the medium of sculpture, using a wide variety of materials. Except for Mallorca, Francesca’s marvelous artworks can be found all over the world. Francesca Martí is represented by Gerhardt Braun Gallery, Palma de Mallorca (SP), Pyo Galleries, Seoul/Los Angeles.

Joan Aguiló

Joan Aguiló is the finest example of a street artist on our list of 10 Urban art artists from Mallorca to watch and collect. Joan Aguiló is an acclaimed Spanish visual artist who made his name in the art world with his larger-than-life wall murals. Through his visually dramatic means of storytelling, Joan’s art is an effective way to engage communities and communicate public memory to multiple audiences. His art is a form of storytelling where all his marvelous artworks create conversations and a joyous celebration of life. Joan Aguiló’s spectacular works can be found in the 2B Art Gallery.

Guillem Nadal

Guillem Nadal is a well-known artist from Mallorca who creates mesmerizing paintings and sculptures. Guillem Nadal‘s works exude the traits of abstraction. Guillem Nadal’s artworks bear thoughts, melancholy struggle, pain, and happiness that manifest through his practice and onto his dynamic canvases. From figuration to abstraction, this contemporary artist creates truly magnificent artworks. Guillem Nadal’s masterpieces can be found in the Galería Pelaires, Mallorca.

There you go, these are the 10 urban art artists from Mallorca to watch and collect.


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