Joan Aguiló


Joan Aguiló is an acclaimed Spanish visual artist who made his name in the art world with his larger-than-life wall murals. Through his visually dramatic means of storytelling, Joan's art is an effective way to engage communities and communicate public memory to multiple audiences. His art is a form of storytelling where all his marvelous artworks create conversations and a joyous celebration of life. Joan Aguiló's both indoor and outdoor artworks possess a timeless quality that continues to appeal to young and old alike. He is also known for putting great detail into his art to truly convey the stories from our memories.

By exploring the dualistic perception of creation and evolution, Joan's art portrays the embodiment of transcendent calm. Through a need to reflect the world around him, Joan simply goes beyond just representing physicality by interpreting social realities and personal experiences. In his work, Joan is remarkably depicting the shape of things, objects, places, and perceptions. By contextualizing his work through its title, concept, and idea, we often perceive the metaphorical and allegorical aspects.

Joan Aguiló has studied illustration at the High School of Design of the Balearic Islands and Fine Arts in Barcelona. He has also completed his education with two years in Mexico D.F at the National School of Plastic Arts, exhibiting in various galleries in Mexico and Spain. His ​spectacular artworks can be found all over Europe, from his Mallorca, Barcelona, and Madrid, to Estocolm, Copenhagen, London, Berlin, Lübeck, Salamanca, or Ripol, among other locations.

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