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Javier Garló is a Spanish visual artist who uses symbolism to express his reflections in art. By questioning our contemporary society, his own generation, and even the loss of values happening to humanity, Javier explores the human being throughout history and our stories in a timeless way. All his work revolves around his personal research, which has become a kind of invisible thread that unifies his work intrinsically. Javier Garlo’s art has a very personal and innovative note. By combining geometrical or linear shapes and patterns, he creates confident and bold art. His artworks meet the eye and evoke emotion through an expression of skill and imagination. It is almost like his art seeks to represent absolute truths symbolically through metaphorical images and language.

In 2004 he finished his illustration studies at the Escola d’Arts i Superior de Disseny de les Illes Balears. Always supported by the human figure or objects that speak of it, its history, and timeless stories, Javier Garló builds his personal search, away from what is correct or not, replacing perfection with a certain crudeness closer to reality.

He repeatedly demonstrates his veneration for classicism but develops his own narrative and an aesthetic full of symbolism, in which the author himself analyzes himself, reflecting his vision of the 21st-century reality that surrounds him. Perhaps the idea of ​​feeling out of time, questioning his generation, as well as the sign of the times and the current loss of value and values ​​is an invisible thread that runs and unites his work to date.

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