Javier Garlo Santa Ponsa print detail

Javier Garló “Santa Ponsa” Print Release

2B Art Gallery proudly presents the first-ever limited edition print by the famous Spanish visual artist Javier Garló. Experience euphoria, emotion, and absolute adoration of the “Santa Ponsa” limited edition print. This is the latest edition to the evergrowing 2B Prints, exclusive collaborations with artists worldwide.

Santa Ponsa

Javier Garlo Santa Ponsa limited edition print

7 color hand-finished screenprint with gold leaf
Edition: 15 + 5 AP
Somerset Velvet Soft White paper 300 gsm.
Paper size: 70 x 100cm

Javier Garló majestically showcases abstract techniques to portray cognitive truth and the belief that there is a spiritual existence beyond the physical world. In this magnificent limited edition print, we see the focus is on feelings, sentiments, concepts, and individuality rather than reality. Affected by the social and moral turmoil of the time, Javier Garló’s unique characters have conflicting beliefs, values, and attitudes. The culmination is in intimate, metaphysical, esoteric, and sometimes cryptic symbols and topics. Santa Ponsa is a character of a baroque Virgin poisoned with hemlock, depicted in the presence of her iconic greyhound and her inseparable muppet Coco. With differing levels and from diverse graphical sources, Javier Garló almost depicts a fantastical dreamscape. As if he’s unveiling the unseen. With an impressive blend of religious mystique, the indecent, the sexual, and the wicked, Javier Garló’s limited edition print “Santa Ponsa” is a true masterpiece.

Printing Process & Details

Printed by: Taller57


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