El Pez and Stinkfish portrait photos

El Pez & Stinkfish Take Over 2B Art Gallery Palma

Extra extra, read all about it! Another spectacular exhibition is on the horizon! El Pez and Stinkfish are taking over 2B Art Gallery in Palma de Mallorca. For the first time, two masters of the street art scene will join forces for one spectacular art exhibition.

El Pez and Stinkfish opening card

Famed for their innovation and creativity, the world-renowned street artists El Pez and Stinkfish are bringing some of their best (and new) works to 2B Art Gallery. This exhibition allows us to explore the humorous and whimsical world of El Pez while discovering that beneath Stinkfish’s apparent simplicity lies a complex, subtle, and profoundly humanist perspective on life.

This unique exhibition will provide incredible exposure to the finest masterpieces from El Pez and Stinkfish. The impressive and profound works of art by these two street artists are intelligent, engaged, striking, and responsive to the world in which we live. Visitors will discover the remarkable talent of El Pez and Stinkfish, who have created an unprecedented pictorial style for the representation of Spanish and Colombian street art.

It’s safe to say El Pez and Stinkfish and their astonishing works are ambassadors of par excellence for their countries and the global street art scene. Through their thought-provoking and beautiful artworks that explore such themes as urbanization, simple positivism, and communication, El Pez and Stinkfish will give quite a show at 2B Art Gallery.

A highlight of the exhibition is the display of several new works of El Pez and Stinkfish. These paintings and prints embody the dream of two independent street artists, showcasing the best of their remarkable oeuvre. On view from August 11, 2022, El Pez and Stinkfish impressive and profound works of art will take over 2B Art Gallery, Palma de Mallorca.

Photos: El Pez, Stinkfish