Despite the fact that his name sounds weird, don't be fooled, Stinkfish is an internationally acclaimed street artist. Stinkfish made his way to the global street art scene through his unusual approach. He is known for taking pictures of unknown random people that he later transfers into stencils, decorating old walls around the world. And he does it magnificently. Believing that street art holds no limits by giving anyone the opportunity to participate, Stinkfish captures the moments of humanity, leaving the interpretation to the public.

Stinkfish's street art pieces are a testimony of ordinary people, just pure visual poetry gracing the walls all around the world. Incisive, searing, and tender social commentary inhabits the work of Stinkfish.

The practice of Stinkfish involves immersing himself in the communities that he photographs. His work is not overtly political, although he has his issues with globalization, preservation, and history.

Born in Mexico, Stinkfish spent his childhood in Colombia where his parents migrated. As a child, Stinkfish used to wander around the streets of Bogotá, discovering his surroundings. When he was seventeen, he started to tag Stink and later added the Fish to his name. He explains his choice with the influences of the punk music he listened to during that time. For Stinkfish, the street is a space for coexisting and sharing, just to transgress and opt for another form of communication between people. Fast forward 20 years into the future, Stinkfish's truly majestical street art pieces can be found all over the world.
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