Gràcia Ribalaiga


Born in Barcelona and living between Menorca & London, Gràcia Ribalaiga is a self-taught contemporary artist, curious and passionate about her art. Through her hybrid language of urbanity, remixed, re-contextualized, and wholly built from the fragments of daily life, Gràcia creates unbelievable artworks which reflect the world around us. Cutting, ripping, pasting, overlaying different textures and materials, Gràcia is a constant seeker, a perfectionist within imperfection.

In love with paper, its textures, and everything vintage, her art won’t leave you indifferent. As a contemporary collage artist, Gràcia constantly continues to work with the medium in ways that offer us new notions of what collage can be and how it reflects on the world around us. Her collage artworks give us unique and raw versions of the world we live in. This results in an incredibly diverse range of topics and themes, at times revealing the artist’s most intimate and emotional moments, at other times presenting seemingly banal situations or bizarre everyday experiences. Gràcia’s brilliant art aims to raise questions about what happens to intimacy once it enters the public sphere, about the unreliability and fickleness of memory, and about the role of the artist as a witness to and recorder of the world around us.

Her collages reveal a unique perspective on all the little scattered moments that make up human life. A prolific visual storyteller, each moment becomes important – from lonely nights in the city to exhilarating travels and deep connections. They all tell a story, they all have a secret language to navigate the chaos of life and to find structure, beauty, and peace.

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Gràcia Ribalaiga's Works