Carolina Adan paints mural

Live Art Evening With Carolina Adán

Are you ready for the best art summer nights at Mallorca?

2B Art Gallery is offering magical programming for the young and old throughout the whole summer season. Just imagine: Extraordinary art + delicious food and drinks + wonderful music = Live Art evenings at 2B Art Gallery Portals Nous. Sounds awesome, right?

Carolina Adan paints Marilyn Monroe mural

Carolina Adan

2B Art Gallery proudly presents a series of live painting nights and art exhibitions, paired with music, and the best flavors of Mediterranean cuisine. The first art night of live painting will be marked by the lovely Carolina Adán, one of the most famous street artists from Mallorca.

Carolina Adán’s artworks are spot on, and honestly refreshing. They look colorful and romantic, full of positivity and sheer joy. Over the years, she has become a spokesperson, a role model, for an entire generation of girls because quite simply, there’s no one else like her. And after Carolina Adán’s first-ever limited edition print, and group exhibition at 2B Art Gallery, Carolina is back at the crime scene with some fresh, new, and exciting ideas. To find out more about Carolina Adán check out this interview she did for our gallery.

Live Painting

Live painting sessions are performances that feature an artist painting in front of a live audience. Carolina Adán’s whimsical brush strokes and lovely personality will make your evening truly magical. The aim is to stimulate your senses by fusing art and taste. At each event at 2B Art Gallery, you will have the chance to attend a live art session with one of our exquisite artists with an exciting experience that will be followed by a Mediterranean cuisine dinner brought to you exclusively by the chef Miquel Clar, next to the sea, on the terrace of the restaurant Astir (find out more about the menu and program).

Carolina Adán paints Laurel and Hardy

And much more…!

Inspiring, surprising, and thought-provoking, live painting night with Carlina Adán will be a one-of-a-kind event. 2B Art Gallery is the perfect place to create lasting memories and experiences with your family and friends this holiday season. Whether you are visiting for the first time, rediscovering your favorite artworks, or looking for fun activities or creative art gift ideas, there is something for everyone at 2B Art Gallery.

Photos: Carolina Adán