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It’s that time of the year again. Are you ready for some spooky Halloween art? With a dizzying field of special art, toys, and Bearbrick figures — from limited edition prints to unique masterpieces — there’s never been a better time to grab some amazing Halloween art pieces at a price point that won’t give your accountant nightmares.

Halloween sale promotion at 2B Art Gallery
Halloween Art Sale at 2B Art Gallery


Scary artworks await you in our Halloween Art Sale. Get yourself ghoulishly good art, toys, and Bearbrick figures at killer prices. Although some of these Halloween artworks, art toys, and Bearbrick figures may not be per se scary or eerie at the first glance, they surely fit our Halloween art sale list. Bear in mind that fear is a natural, powerful, and primitive human emotion. But fear is also a relative thing. While some people would spend money for the love of a scare, many would run in the opposite direction. And remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, in light of the ongoing Halloween 2022, here are some of the terrifying artworks specially selected for you.

10 Halloween Artworks You’ll Love

An image of a limited edition print by Nick Walker - Baby Moll (AP)
Limited edition print by Nick Walker – Baby Moll

1) Nick Walker – Baby Moll — The first spooky artwork from our Halloween art sale is an eerie limited edition print by street art master Nick Walker. This utterly brilliant print entitled “Baby Moll” has something eerie, disturbed, dystopian, playful, and cute at the same time, and we think it’s so amazing.

An image of Pino // I Had a Bad Day by Fool's Paradise
Pino // I Had a Bad Day by Fools Paradise

2) Fool’s Paradise – Pino// I Had A Bad Day — Is Pinocchio actually a bad boy? Well, this one certainly is. With Joker makeup on, this Pinocchio from The Fools Paradise looks like he’s plotting something evil and vile. This art toy is a textbook example of how an innocent and well-behaved puppet can become a clown prince of crime.

Bearbrick Oculus Orbus 100%400%
Oculus Orbus 100%400% Bearbrick figure

3) Oculus Orbus Bearbrick Figure — A giant bloodshot eyeball Bearbrick figure? Say no more. This is one scary Bearbrick figure. It blends in perfectly on our list of 10 terrifying artworks for Halloween.

An original artwork by Dadara entitled The Grim Like Reaper
Dadara – The Grim Like Reaper

4) Dadara – The Grim Like Reaper — Nothing says Halloween more than a Gream Reaper. Just a skeleton in a hoody carrying a scythe to “reap” human souls, or in this case, your likes. Spooky.

Limited edition mosaic by Ruth Scheibler - Spellballs
Limited edition mosaic sculpture by Ruth Scheibler – Spellballs

5) Ruth Scheibler – SpellBalls — 👁️Spellballs are a contemporary take on an anti-evil eye amulet, ready to protect your space and its inhabitants from envy, curses, misfortunes, and any kind of negative energy. Perfect artwork for Halloween, don’t you think so?👁️

Bearbrick H.R. Giger Black Chrome 1000%
Bearbrick H.R. Giger Black Chrome 1000%

6) Bearbrick H.R. Giger Black Chrome — Our spooky Halloween art list wouldn’t be complete without a frightening alien. That’s where the H.R. Giger Bearbrick figure takes its part. This Bearbrick figure bears one of the most iconic monsters in the history of the human imagination: the xenomorph, the unrelenting alien species that oozes at the center of the “Alien” film franchise.

An image of an original artwork by Stinkfish - Espinas Negras Nom Pen
Stinkfish – Espinas Negras Nom Pen painting

7) Stinkfish – Espinas Negras Nom Pen — Now, this is one dark, creepy, and utterly dystopian artwork. Stinkfish masterfully plays with black and white, resulting in a majestic artwork that lingers at the delicate border between the dream and the real. It’s all about the mystery of the person behind the mask and the disconnect between what may seem otherwise mundane.

Kerby Rosanes Global Warning figure
Kerby Rosanes – Global Warning figure

8) Kerby Rosanes – Global Warning — This art figure is so frightening because it shows our harsh reality. Kerby Rosanes uses his brilliant art as a platform to raise awareness and imagine a more sustainable future that will guide us away from our narrow, human-centric view of our planet.

An image of an original artwork by An original artwork by setdebelleza - Fantastic
setdebelleza – Masters Of The Metaverse painting

9) setdebelleza – Masters Of The Metaverse — setdebelleza’s witty painting welcomes the viewer into the magical and quite scary universe of familiar comic book characters. His artworks are a testament to the reclamation of languages of generations who grew up in pop culture.

An image of an original artwork by Nick Walker - Fetus
Nick Walker – Born 2 Bomb painting

10) Nick Walker – Born 2 Bomb — Cool or scary? Remember “Rosemary’s Baby”? We say it’s more creepy than cute. Nick Walker masterfully portrays how the fetus radiates with life through different layers of depth that resonate with the future existence.

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Wishing you all an eerie, spooky, hair-raising, spell-binding Halloween 🧟‍♀️🎃🧛🏻‍♂️

Photos: The Art of Nick Walker


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