Fools Paradise


Founded in 2008, Fools Paradise is a bespoke art toy manufacturer that has amassed a huge following for its playful designs of popular characters. Most of their toys feature famous characters like Michael Jordan, Super Mario, and Popeye the Sailor Man that have either been fitted with exaggerated muscle definition or unconventional designs, making them unique and very appealing to toy collectors. Founder Alan Ng began his career as a member of the four-person Boredomsqueezer artist collective. They began as a graphic design and multi-media group but soon unveiled a series of 16 handmade action figures at the Boring Exhibition in Hong Kong in 2005. After that Boredomsqueezer progressed their work and in 2006 submitted an exhibition titled Walking Paradise which consisted of an haute couture female fashion figure series. Soon Alan Ng formed Fools Paradise and began to create some seriously cool art toys.
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