Sabek paintings exhibition at 2B Art Gallery Palma

5 Colorful Animal Paintings By Sabek

Ready to feast your eyes? Art + animal lovers, this is for you. Today we examine 5 colorful animal paintings by Sabek, a famous Spanish street art master. Throughout history, animals are used in art in many different ways. But our focus here will be solely on animals in urban art paintings. And oh boy, these animal paintings are quite something.

Sabek holds his limited edition print "Heat" at 2B Art Gallery Palma
Sabek holds his limited edition print “Heat” at 2B Art Gallery Palma

Primarily known for his strong obsession with animals, Sabek expresses an active, eclectic mix of styles. He has climbed the ladder in the world of street art by creating colorful artworks that show the human relationship with animals and their primal instincts. But, when we take a closer look at Sabek’s art, we discover that his animal protagonists, convey an ethical message in a simple, yet majestic form of art. Sabek’s art addresses conservation and the threat of environmental annihilation and invites us to reconnect to nature. So, sit back and experience the animal world on a completely new and colorful level.

Colorful Animal Paintings By Sabek

1) Sabek – Walk — The first remarkable artwork on our list of 5 colorful animal paintings is one exquisite piece of art. Sabek’s painting “Walk” highlights the way in which the artist uses urban art to construct his own narrative. He expresses himself and his ideas about art and pursues his ambitions to reconnect with nature.

2) Sabek – White — Known for his unprecedented pictorial style, Sabek celebrates the majestic animal world through fresh artistic interpretations. Illuminating the seriousness of animals and nature in artmaking, Sabek engages with and questions ideas, images, and language using only his brilliant art.

3) Sabek – Dog 2 — By blurring the lines between humans and animals, Sabek’s painting “Dog 3” challenges our understanding of human behavior and the world we live in.

4) Sabek – Cat 3 — Sabek’s colorful animal painting “Cat 3” shows the close observation of a cat, depicted in a bold and minimal manner. Around the cat, Sabek masterfully plays with the background, presenting it in strong composition and vibrant colors.

5) Sabek – Stay — This brilliant painting evokes a sense of vulnerability. It also allows viewers to contemplate the meaning and the connection of humans with nature.

If all that wasn’t enough, here’s a little bonus. Sabek’s limited edition print created in collaboration with 2B Editions.

“Heat” is a symbol and embodiment of many of humanity’s hopes and dreams. This print shows the freedom and nobility of the animal kingdom, perfectly wrapped within urban art.

Photos: Sabek