Sabek is a well-known Spanish street artist renowned for his larger-than-life murals. Essentially, he climbed the ladder in the world of street art by creating large mesmerizing murals that show the human relationship with animals and their primal instincts. By exploring the ephemerality and the transient nature of our world, Sabek paints large unusual murals, and experiments with different reactions between them, in order to display his vision of the fleeting time before us.

Primarily known for his strong obsession with animals, Sabek expresses an active, eclectic mix of styles. Like all animals, humans have instincts, genetically hard-wired behaviors that enhance our ability to cope with vital environmental contingencies. But when we take a closer look at Sabek's art, we discover that his animal protagonists, convey an ethical message in a simple, yet majestic form of art. His art has a very powerful and strong message. It addresses conservation and the threat of environmental annihilation and invites us to reconnect to nature.

By blurring the lines between human and animal, Sabek challenges our understanding of human behavior and the world we live in. Through the use of unorthodox, yet common, colors, Sabek poses questions that both affect him on a personal level and relate to our society’s attitude towards the issues. While the animal world was believed to be governed by appetite and self-interest, humans have the capacity to use reason and thus settle conflicts with conversation and mutual persuasion. And that is the true beauty of Sabek's art. Nowadays, his distinctive style of street artwork can be found worldwide, while his work is shown in galleries in Spain, France, and the United States.

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