Sabek Flow painting

Sabek “Heat” Print Release

Throughout the history of art, paintings have featured birds for thousands of years. In fact, humans have long been inspired by birds, their ability to take flight, and the unique perspective they have on the world around us. Birds often symbolize a certain aspirational quality that sets human beings apart from the rest of the animal kingdom, which is why depictions of divine beings often draw upon the physicality of these beautiful winged creatures. Now fast forward to the present day. The symbolic use of birds continues today unabated. That’s why today we have a little treat for you by the famous Spanish street artist Sabek.

“Heat” limited edition print by Sabek

An image of Sabek's limited edition print called Heat


Six-color screenprint

Edition: 40 + 10 AP

Somerset Velvet paper 300 gsm

Paper size: 50cm x 70cm


Known for his unprecedented pictorial style, Sabek celebrates the majestic animal world through fresh artistic interpretations. “Heat” limited edition print is a symbol and embodiment of many of humanity’s hopes and dreams. Sabek brilliantly connotes both the human and the divine spirit through the soaring freedom of movement and the linking of earth and sky. His animals often represent our souls or stand for wisdom and the power of thought. This print shows the freedom and nobility of the animal kingdom, perfectly wrapped within urban art.

Photo by Sabek.