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Clot Bearbrick Figures Currently Available On The Market

Clot Bearbrick figures are simply irresistible. That’s a fact. There is something about them making us want to collect them all (on that note, here’s how to start your own Bearbrick collection). But before we go on about how cute and amazing Clot Bearbrick figures are, let’s take a second to see the history of the Clot brand and their collaborations.

(In)famously known for its collaborations with Nike, Coca-Cola, Medicom Toy, and many other leading brands from all over the world, Clot is a streetwear label and lifestyle brand created by the former pop star/actor Edison Chen and entrepreneur Kevin Poon.

With its mission aimed at bridging Eastern and Western cultures, Clot is truly one remarkable brand that started its journey back in 2003 in Hong Kong. Over the years, the Clot brand has grown to become one of Asia’s most revered streetwear imprints. What is really impressive is that the Clot brand continues to stay true to its daring and intricate design ethos, while also bringing elements of the founders’ culture to the fore. They even state that they’re more than just clothes, they are a creative movement that celebrates individuality and injects life and character into the idea of bridging the East and the West.

Now, let’s get back to our precious Bearbrick figures. Ever since Clot and Medicom Toy joined forces, the world of art collectibles is constantly getting some lavishing Bearbrick figures. A partnership spanning more than 15 years, the first collaborative effort between Clot and Medicom Toy started back in 2004 and has since seen dozens of highly sought-after Bearbrick figures. Here we will put them all in one list and examine each and every one of those cool cats.

Clot Bearbrick Figures

Bearbrick x CLOT x Disney 3-Eyed Mickey Mouse 1000%

1) Clot Bearbrick x Disney 3-Eyed Mickey Mouse 1000% — Wow, this is something. Something you don’t see every day. 3-Eyed Mickey Mouse. Launched back in 2012, this must-have collector’s item is born out of the collaboration between Clot, Medicom Toy, and Disney company. (p.s. check out the list of 10 Best Disney Bearbrick figures).

Bearbrick x CLOT Summer Fruits Yellow Watermelon 100% & 400% Set

2) Clot Bearbrick Summer Fruits Yellow Watermelon 100% & 400% Set — Entitled “Summer Fruits,” Clot made a big comeback of the fruit series of Bearbrick figures. All the way back in 2007, Clot and Levi’s released the Watermelon and Strawberry Bearbrick collection based on Clot’s co-founder Edison Chen‘s favorite fruits. And in 2021, these amazing figures titled the Snow Strawberry and Yellow Watermelon are available on the market.

Bearbrick Clot X Nike 100%/400%
Bearbrick Clot X Nike 100%/400% box

3) Clot Bearbrick x Nike 100% & 400% Set This superb Clot Nike Bearbrick figure set of 400% and 100% figures is dressed in blue silk covered with the same intricate designs featured on Nike’s AF1s that were released. Underneath the blue silk, the layer is a “Rose Gold Silk” base. These collectible figures come in a special giant shoebox to continue the reference to the Clot x Nike AF1s of 2019.

Bearbrick x CLOT Summer Fruits Snow Strawberry 100% & 400% Set

4) Clot Bearbrick Summer Fruits Snow Strawberry 100% & 400% Set — The iconic Clot Bearbrick Fruit series got another distinctive member of the fam. – Snow Strawberry. Coming in 100% and 400%, this Clot Bearbrick Snow Strawberry figure set is one exclusive Bearbrick set.

Bearbrick x Clot x Nike 1000%

5) Clot Bearbrick x Nike 1000% Another extraordinary Bearbrick figure born from the collaboration of Nike, Clot, and Medicom toy. This “Black Silk” Bearbrick figure serves as the latest in the Silk Royale legacy, the follow-up to the “Royale University Blue Silk” Bearbrick figures set. Conveying the idea of externalism and internalism, and staying true to your inner self, the 1000% Bearbrick features a removable “Black Silk” outer layer that reveals a “Royale University Blue Silk” covering.

Bearbrick x CLOT Monkey Edison Chen Juice 400%

6) Clot Bearbrick Monkey Edison Chen Juice 400% This Clot Monkey Bearbrick figure, inspired by a “Monkey Art Exhibition” in Beijing, is created by Edison Chen and accompanied by an apparel collection. Featuring Clot logos on its cheeks, “The Monkey” is a true representative of the Clot Bearbrick figures.

Bearbrick x CLOT Polar 1000%

7) Clot Bearbrick Polar 1000% Sometimes, simplicity and minimalism are the best solutions. Coming from 2014, this Bearbrick figure is designed by Edison Chen. Edison’s personal touch can be seen in the Bearbrick’s facial profile, hand-drawn by Edison himself, as well as the “I’m cold” quote printed across the toy’s leg which pokes fun at Edison’s more commonly used phrases.

Bearbrick x CLOT Valentine's Day Boy 400%

8) Clot Bearbrick Valentine’s Day Boy 400% This Clot Valentine’s Day Boy Bearbrick figure draws inspiration from traditional Chinese marriage outfits mixed with hints of Clot’s Silk Royale.

Bearbrick x CLOT Valentine's Day Girl 400%

9) Clot Bearbrick Valentine’s Day Girl 400% The Clot Valentine’s Day Girl Bearbrick figure is inspired by the traditional Chinese wedding dress that has a long history and rich tradition.

Bearbrick x CLOT Melon 1000%

10) Clot Bearbrick Melon 1000% Melon lovers, this one’s for you – Following the popular “Watermelon” and “Strawberry” Bearbrick figures, from the Exotic Fruits series comes Clot Bearbrick Melon 1000 % figure.

Bearbrick x CLOT Pineapple 1000%

11) Clot Bearbrick Pineapple 1000% Self-defense against fresh fruit (Monty Python style) – Grab yourself one of the Exotic Fruits figures – Clot Bearbrick Pineapple and you’re good to go.

Bearbrick x CLOT x Levi's Artist Series Watermelon 1000%

12) Clot Bearbrick x Levi’s Artist Series Watermelon 1000% This Bearbrick’s design concept is based on one of Clot’s co-founder Edison Chen’s favorite fruits – watermelon. Who can blame him, right?

Bearbrick x CLOT x Levi's Dragon Fruit 100% & 400% Set

13) Clot Bearbrick x Levi’s Dragon Fruit 100% & 400% Set Refreshingly light and sweet, dragonfruit’s taste is a cross between kiwi and watermelon. And that is exactly what this Clot Bearbrick set is like, refreshingly light and sweet.

Bearbrick x CLOT x Levi's Artist Series Strawberry 100% & 400% Set

14) Clot Bearbrick x Levi’s Artist Series Strawberry 100% & 400% Set Trust us when we say, this Clot Bearbrick is a berry special one. And plus, it looks super delicious.

Bearbrick x CLOT x Juice 100% & 400% Set

15) Clot Bearbrick x Juice 100% & 400% Set This series of Clot Bearbrick figures is inspired by the Christmas holiday season. Coming in a variety of colors, these figures from 2009 are fully wrapped in shiny chrome.

Bearbrick The 3125C x OBJECTIVE x Medicom Toy “EDC” Edison Chen Clot 1000%

16) Clot Bearbrick The 3125C x OBJECTIVE x Medicom Toy “EDC” Edison Chen Clot 1000% Edison Chen‘s 3125C and L.A.-based label OBJECTIVE have joined forces with Medicom Toy for an expressive Bearbrick depiction of Chen. Inspired by the 2006 model “Hi, I’m stupid!”, this Bearbrick figure bears a sign “So, Hi, “I’m a boss!”

We have to point out that there are a lot more Clot Bearbrick figures (since the collaboration between Clot and Medicom Toys started in 2004) but not all figures are currently available on the market.

Photos: Clot