Bearbrick figures at 2B Art Gallery

Starting Your Own Bearbrick Collection? Here Is What You Need To Know

In the last couple of years, people are looking to reconnect with the toys that defined their childhood playtime. Maybe it’s this crazy pandemic time, or just some nostalgia hitting hard, but the fact is, toys are now very popular. But when we say toys, we are instantly evoking back our childhood memories. Remember your first toy or the one you cherish the most, the one you wanted to save?

The toys we are talking about today are kind of very special toys. These toys can be described as a work of art as they or represent a specific moment in pop culture we want to hold onto and treasure for years to come. These toys are collectibles, and whether you leave them in the box or display them on a shelf, or even take them out to play with, they’re sure to become a beloved part of your own collection.

Bearbrick figures at 2B Art & Toys Gallery

In fact, these toys look better on the shelf and you can even make a few (hundred, thousands) bucks if you keep and sell them smartly.

Yes, you’ve guessed it right, we are talking about Bearbrick figures – intriguing, fascinating, uber-cool, and overall among the world’s most collectible figures.

2B Art & Toys Gallery

Although they appear simple and similar at first look, these unique figures play a very important part in the world of art and fashion. What makes Bearbrick figures so unique and distinguished is the fact they never fall out of fashion. These figures showed us that toys aren’t just for children, in fact, it is quite remarkable how these amazing figures can be just as creative, fun, and entertaining for adults equally. Apart from their playful side, Bearbrick figures also serve as an entry point to luxury brands and gallery artists, where collectors can own a product without paying high-end prices.

So, once you decide to own and collect Bearbrick figures, the question of all questions arises – Where to start?

The main reason why one should start a Bearbrick collection is this: because he simply loves them.

And to choose which Bearbrick will be the first in your collection might look tricky and seem daunting, but almost all collections are ever-evolving and can truly be anything you desire. There are no rules and that’s the beauty of it.

Bearbrick Sizes

Bearbrick figures come in different sizes which are presented in percentages. Although at the first glance may look a bit confusing, once you get into it, it’s gonna be a walk in a park.

  • The first Bearbrick figure was seven centimeters (70mm) high, which is labeled now the standard size – 100%.
  • Other Bearbrick sizes are enumerated as percentages, spanning from 50% (35mm) which is the smallest and is considered to be like a keychain, across 70% (50mm), 100% (70mm) to 400% (280mm) and 1000% as 700mm high as the biggest.

When it comes to material, Beabrick figures are usually made from plastic, wood, metal, felt, and glow-in-the-dark plastic. However, some series have established different materials over the years.

Bearbrick/Rabbrick Sorayama Sexy Robot Set 100%/400%

The easiest way to get started is to pick a Bearbrick figure from a line that’s not excruciatingly rare, and which already has a collector community around it. Like everything else, Bearbrick collecting has its own language, which you’ll need to decode if you plan on buying them online. The super cool thing about Bearbrick figures is that there are usually two drops per year, and each Bearbrick series are released in the summer or the winter. And pretty much all Bearbrick figures are limited edition and rarely re-released.

Bearbrick figures with their smaller sizes

Generally, all Bearbrick figures can be grouped into SERIES and TYPES. Usually, there are two drops per year, and each Bearbrick Series are released in the summer or the winter. Each Series is continuously numbered and made in four different Types, and within the “Standard” Series specifically, there are different THEMES.

Types of Bearbrick

  1. Basic — There are nine different designs with each figure displaying a letter in a contrasting color on its chest that phonetically make “Bearbrick”
  2. Standard — All Bearbrick figures in this series are composed of the different periodic “Themes”
  3. Artist  — These types of Bearbrick figures are born and designed in collaboration with an artist
  4. Secret — Under this category of Bearbrick figures we can discover unforeseen designs that are generally rarer

When it comes to the “Standard” series, there are several different Bearbrick “Themes”:

  • SF (Science Fiction) — These types of Bearbrick figures are based on a science fiction theme, film, comic book, or game
  • Jellybean — Bearbrick figure created of translucent plastic
  • Cute — Bearbrick figure showing relevance to something “cute”
  • Flag — Bearbrick figure in a nation’s flag
  • Horror — These Bearbrick figures are made to look like a character or theme from the horror genre
  • Animal — In this category we find Bearbrick figures having similarities to another animal
  • Pattern — Bearbrick figure obtaining some sort of pattern
  • Hero — This is quite a new theme of Bearbrick figures which was launched in Series 21, inspired by superheroes and characters from DC Comics

We also have to mention that Bearbrick figures come in so-called blind boxes in which the contents of each box are unknown with a varying level of rarity. The only thing known is that each box comes in its own mystery foil packaging and artist card, containing one figure. With all that in mind, unless you purchase the style you want from a different collector, it is very hard to collect an entire set which really makes it tricky, which is part of the allure.

So, start from something simple and cheap and work your way to the top where you will find very rare and expensive Bearbrick figures. Once you know all that, it is the perfect time to make your first purchase. Obviously, you may want to buy everything you first lay your eyes on, but we advise you to restrain yourself. You never know what you might find, or might inspire you at 2B Art & Toys Gallery, so happy hunting.

3 Bearbrick figures at 2B Art & Toys Gallery