Visitors in front of The London Police painting at 2B Art Gallery

5 Phenomenal Artworks By The London Police Art Duo

Ahh, The London Police art duo, the rock stars in the art world, two great guys with an even greater passion for art. Through their famous characters called ‘Lads’, Chaz Barrisson and Bob Gibson leave their mark on the streets worldwide. Their oeuvre has been challenging the audience for two decades now. It’s safe to say their impeccable execution and trademark characters really leave you breathless.

The London Police, Nick Walker, Montserrat Torras Planas and SheOne at 2B Art Gallery Palma
The London Police (Bob on the left, Chaz on the right), Nick Walker, Montserrat Torras Planas, and SheOne at 2B Art Gallery Palma

Many things have been said and written about The London Police art duo over the years, and the fantastic thing is, they never cease to amaze us, all these years. On that note, check out this super cool interview with The London Police, where Chaz and Bob go raw. But today, we deep dive into the world of lads and their joyful adventures. The desirability of their artworks is evident in the success of their exhibitions and sell-out print editions. Here’s our roundup of the 5 sought-after artworks by The London Police art duo.

5 Phenomenal Artworks By The London Police Art Duo

1) The London Police – Dog Ark (AP) — All aboard the great dog ark! Now, this is a classic The London police artwork, featuring all their popular characters with so much going on in this limited edition print. And we simply love it. The juxtaposed notions between The London Police characters Lads and the Robots clash and intertwine as the viewer tries to comprehend the unorthodox image.

2) The London Police – Good Times 94 — Let the good times roll with the lads from The London Police. Sometimes “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” as Leonardo da Vinci said. “Good Times 94” painting by The London Police shows the essence of the overall composition in order to emphasize what is important – Lads living their best lives.

3) The London Police – Bork Holding Lads — The main character ‘Bork’ is a bit of a Frankenstein creation. It features a smiley head of a ‘Lad’ and the body of a mechanical robot. Inside its chest cavity is a water tank filled with swimming ‘Squillads’. The robotic ‘Bork’ is happily holding up two ‘Totem pole Lads’ while the worker bee ‘Minions’ (small human-like masked folk) busy themselves around the shoes under the watchful supervision of the flying ‘Trilads.

4) The London Police – Dreddlads 98 — Lads will be lads! When life hands you lemons, the art of The London Police lads will help you make lemonade. This limited edition print (and yes, it comes in various color versions) features your daily dose of positivity, humor, and an element of lightness as well.

5) The London Police – Double Dogs 74 — Let’s have a big round of appaws for the Double Dogs 74! Let’s face it, two dogs are better than one, especially when they come from The London Police art duo.

Since it’s so darn hard to pick only five artworks by The London Police art duo, here’s something more for all you TLP art lovers out there:

Photos: The London Police