Mau Mau Trust in me red limited edition print detail

5 Reasons Why Start Collecting Limited Edition Prints Today

Whether you are an art lover, collector, or investor, this one is for you. Not to mention if you’re new in the art business. This article will go handy if you’re stepping into the world of art for the first time. Collecting art prints is a great hobby, business, or investment. And let’s face it, collecting art has never been easier. Bear in mind, there is a wide range of factors that motivate an art lover, collector, or investor. From joining the art community (which is quite lovely if we may say so), and supporting art, across decorating your space, all the way to simply experiencing emotions and connecting with artists. So, let’s focus today on those exquisite limited-edition art prints and why should you get them today.

Low Price

Truth be told, limited edition prints are a great way to build your art collection or even add value to it. Limited edition prints are very affordable compared to original paintings. Whether they have a limited edition or an open edition, these types of artworks are the best bang for your buck. That said, if you are buying artwork because you like it, then open-edition prints may be the way to go for you.

Ben Eine I’m So Happy Very Very Happy print
Ben Eine – I’m So Happy Very Very Happy limited edition print


There are so many different types of limited edition prints you can buy in galleries and all over the internet, and get them delivered to your door or held in a secure storage facility. They are pretty much everywhere. But be careful and always make sure that limited edition prints are signed and numbered in pencil by the artist. They also come with a certificate of authenticity.

An image of a limited edition print by The London Police - Bork Holding Lads - Pink
The London Police – Bork Holding Lads – Pink limited edition print


Yes, limited edition art prints are high-quality artworks. No doubt about it. In fact, lots of limited edition prints are produced on paper which is acid-free and helps preserve the print for a long time. Basically, it’s a meticulous combination of detail and quality of materials used that make a limited edition print a truly extraordinary piece of art.

Javier Garló, Santa Ponsa, Screen print on Somerset Velvet soft White 300 grms, Ed 15 + 5AP, 70 x 100 cm, 2022
Javier Garló – Santa Ponsa limited edition print


Limited edition reproductions are produced in limited numbers. Which is intended to make the picture more exclusive. Especially the singed ones. The value of a signed print is usually a couple of times higher than the value of an unsigned print. Just like paintings, limited edition art prints are original work of art that adds to their value and their price.

An artist proof version of a Limited edition print by Nick Walker entitled Time and Space
Nick Walker – Time and Space AP limited edition print

Investment Potential

Well, to approach limited edition art prints as an investment, forget about “what you like and don’t like”. Do your research, find trendy artists and be careful and selective to make sure you choose the suitable art print. There is no magic formula to identify which limited edition art print will be the most sought-after or successful, and no guarantee of a positive return on investment. But time is your ally. Art increase in value over time.

An image of a limited edition print by El Pez - Happy Holidays - Pink
El Pez – Happy Holidays – Pink limited edition print

Photos: The Art of Nick Walker


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