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Nick Walker


limited editioncassification

Time and Space, 2022

(27.56x36.22 in)
Medium screen print on somerset satin white 300 gsm paperFraming UnframedSignature Hand Signed By The Artist

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    About the work

    Discover the essence of artistic brilliance and creativity with "Time and Space," a captivating limited edition fine art print by the renowned artist, Nick Walker. Released on the auspicious date of 31st August 2022, this exclusive artwork marks a spectacular collaboration between 2B Editions of the illustrious 2B Art Gallery in Palma, Mallorca, and the esteemed printing expertise of Krijger Vormgave Amsterdam. "Time and Space" is an exquisite masterpiece that seamlessly fuses elements of contemporary art with urban charm. With every detail, Nick Walker effortlessly weaves a visual narrative that transcends conventional boundaries and invites viewers on a journey through the depths of imagination. This Holy Grail art print is meant for contemplation and reflection. It also functions as a testament to how the dimension of time influences its existence, all perfectly wrapped in Nick Walker’s brilliant art style. Vandal is an interdimensional being who exists in a dimension beyond our own. Each print comes adorned with a certificate of authority personally granted by the esteemed 2B Art Gallery, guaranteeing the authenticity and prestige of this limited edition release. And the best part? "Time and Space" is not confined by borders, as worldwide shipping is available, allowing art enthusiasts from all corners of the globe to embrace its mesmerizing allure. As a testament to its uniqueness, each print is individually numbered and bears the artist's unmistakable signature, making it an exclusive collector's item and a true gem in any art connoisseur's collection. The standard edition comprises 40 prints, while the highly sought-after artist-proof edition comprises only 12 prints, adding an extra touch of rarity to this already prized masterpiece. "Time and Space" stands as a remarkable testament to Nick Walker's artistic ingenuity and serves as a timeless embodiment of the ever-evolving relationship between time and space. Its bold, dynamic colors and thought-provoking imagery make it a statement piece that transcends trends and captivates the senses for generations to come. With only a limited number of prints available, now is the moment to seize this opportunity to own a piece of contemporary art history. Embrace the allure of "Time and Space" by Nick Walker, and elevate your art collection with a work that epitomizes the confluence of artistic brilliance and creativity. Act swiftly, for these exclusive prints will soon find their way into the hearts of art enthusiasts worldwide. Please note that due to the limited availability of this print, we recommend securing your copy promptly to avoid disappointment.  


    Limited edition print by Nick Walker in collaboration with 2B Editions, released on 31/08/2022.

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