Nick Walker creates stencil art at 2B Art Gallery

Nick Walker Art: How To One-Up Street Art Scene

Let’s open this one by saying a well-known fact: Nick Walker is the master of his domain. And oh boy, his domain is street art. Nick Walker conquered the art world through his identifiable style and brilliantly funny humor. His artworks are best described as sophisticated and endlessly desirable, and it’s no wonder they jazz up any wall. As a forerunner of the British street art phenomenon, Nick Walker’s art has become a blueprint for hundreds of emerging artists. His work is constantly evolving and remains innovative, modern, and thought-provoking.

This masterful stencil artist is famous for characters such as “The Vandal”, a formally dressed bowler hat-wearing person, and the “Moona Lisa”. The Vandal character is born from a personal experience when, walking through the streets of London, he saw a man under a golf umbrella, smoking crack. This unique character Vandal represents the very soul of the graffiti artist, and, according to him, it’s his alter ego. The other character, La Moona Lisa, raised and established him to a level of great street artists. Now that we all that, let’s take a closer look at 5 astonishing works by this street art legend.

5 Nick Walker’s Brilliant Artworks

1) Nick Walker – Love Bats Orange AP — After so much impish mischievousness, we see our favorite Vandal sailing away toward love. A true serenity and tranquility, this limited edition print expresses the splendor, the peace, and the awe of the moment. This is a part of Vandal’s endless story, a challenge to take another step in his mystical journey.

2) Nick Walker – Born 2 Bomb — Nick Walker masterfully portrays how the fetus radiates with life. Through different layers of depth that resonate with the future existence. This is a perfect example of how Nick Walker has a one-up street art world.

3) Nick Walker – The Art Thief AP — Through his very distinctive style and ironic imagery, Nick Walker playfully combines Mona Lisa, the most famous portrait in the world, with everyone’s favorite yellow-hued family, The Simpsons. The ‘Mona Simpson’ is a truly stunning piece of art. And is no wonder why it’s so appealing to an art thief.

4) Nick Walker – Handle With Care #1 — Now, this is one exquisite painting. Actually, Nick Walker has made a series of these paintings in so many colors. And the best part, yes, they do come in the form of limited edition prints as well.

5) Nick Walker – Time and Space — All hail Vandal, the creator of time and space. This Holy Grail art print is meant for contemplation and reflection. Vandal is an interdimensional being who exists in a dimension beyond our own. One utterly brilliant art print.

Photos: The Art of Nick Walker