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2B Art Gallery and BetArt present “INDOORS” Group Exhibition



The 2B Art Gallery Calvia reopens its doors on Thursday, March 23, inviting visitors to join in for an exciting exhibition and share the vision of connecting communities through art. Together with the renowned urban art festival “BetArt” and Grand Iberostar Portals Nous hotel, 2B Art Gallery Calvia is opening a new art season.

Alex Gambin - Plantas
Alex Gambin – Plantas

The “INDOORS” group exhibition is born from the collaboration with the BetArt festival, the already well-known biannual event that this year celebrates its sixth edition. This exhibition brings together five winning artists from the BetArt Calvia festival. These extraordinary contemporary artists are Anastasia Belous, Alex Gambin, Rona Glantz, Dani Hache, and Elena Zissou.

BetArt Wall Logo image
BetArt Calvia festival

Each of the five artists is bringing something different to the show, making it a one-of-a-kind experience. Although their approaches are poles apart, their richly layered art is part of the tool that carries plenty of social value being influenced by the context that surrounds artists.

Ellena Zissou - Good In Da Hood
Ellena Zissou – Good In Da Hood

Through their timely and provocative art voices, these artists represent the vital role and place of the urban movement in the Spanish contemporary art scene. The upcoming group exhibition program will challenge and engage audiences and bring forward a dynamic dialogue into aesthetics and meaning through multiple voices and perspectives.

Anastasia Belous - In The Forest
Anastasia Belous – In The Forest

The “INDOORS” group exhibition will feature a total of 15 works and will be on display for a month. The winning artists of this art festival will paint their murals at the Toro and Son Ferrer, located in the municipality of Calvià, during the week of 20-27 March.

Iberostar Grand Hotel Portals Nous logo image
Iberostar Grand Hotel Portals Nous

The powerful artistic voices of Anastasia Belous, Alex Gambin, Rona Glantz, Dani Hache, and Ele Zissou show the strength and impact of contemporary art on our society. Shown together in this group exhibition, these works convey a vibrant picture of a period of sometimes overwhelming change.

Dani Hache - Parte del todo
Dani Hache – Parte del todo

Together with BetArt and Grand Iberostar Hotel Portals Nous, 2B Art Gallery Calvia is prepared to give you a truly magical night to remember. We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, 23rd March, at 6 pm, at the gallery’s headquarters in Portals, Calle Falconer 19, 07181 Portals Nous. After the opening of the exhibition, all visitors are invited to enjoy a drink on the terrace of the Astir restaurant, courtesy of the Iberostar hotel.

Rona Glantz - Equilibrio
Rona Glantz – Equilibrio

2B Art Gallery Calvia looks forward to welcoming even more visitors as it continues to work to represent and include the diverse voices of our communities. We strive to increase the representation of artists from all over the world, including the voices of women artists, to ensure the development, preservation, and presentation of urban art for the learning and enjoyment of generations to come.


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