Rona Glantz


Rona Glantz is a Venezuelan versatile artist and former biologist known for her visually striking art and graphic design. Rona developed her ronography style in 2008. Ronography is a mixture of digital and traditional art techniques. Through an eclectic mix of urban and abstract art, Rona creates truly mesmerizing art that is a versatile playground for experimentation and the development of her styles and techniques. By fusing the distinct visual language of urban art with abstract art, Rona treats abstraction in a unique way, molding it into her personal visual vocabulary.

"In the works of Rona Glantz, transparencies, color, and material are put into play as their own support and aesthetics. The creator of ronography uses the digital and mechanical as a starting point to take the possibilities of the medium further, submitting her work to a careful work process in order to achieve submits the results that she obtains. In this way, the layers of thought, of imagined and constructed reality are combined to condense into works that challenge the classic and hackneyed debates that oppose drawing and color, the cerebral and passionate, the planned and random, figuration and abstraction." - Noemi de Haro, art historian

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