Anastasia Belous


“In my work, I attempt to give special place to the skill and beauty, and spend many hours at the old fashioned easel striving for both.”

Anastasia Belous is a Ukrainian contemporary artist, known for her majestic interpretation of the animal kingdom. She brilliantly paints animals to represent human traits and critique the world we humans live within. Anastasia's art challenges viewers not only to understand how and why certain animals were and are used in art, but also to decipher the myriad ways we have always seen our faults, our virtues, and our potential reflected in the natural world.

"I was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, and have lived for 13 years in London, United Kingdom. In the UK I have started to paint professionally and am largely self-taught. As an art historian by education, I was always curious to explore historical painting techniques and then mix them with what the world of contemporary media has to offer. I'm also an offer of 13 large murals and looking ahead to making several in Spain - my new home after the start of the war in Ukraine. In London, I have taken part in several exhibitions including Hay Hill Gallery, and Lamberty London, and had my painting from the gorilla series included in the Summer Show at the Royal Academy on Picadilly."

In her famous "Gorillas" series of artworks, Anastasia takes a philosophical take on portraiture. She paints a portrait of a person as a gorilla in an attempt to shift the borders of what is human. The canvases show classically painted large apes in human roles of the artist, the philosopher, the priest, and many others. Throughout her art, Anastasia strives to increase the representation of women artists and to convey a vibrant picture of overwhelming change in today's contemporary society. Anastasia Belous went to art school in Kyiv and got an MA in History of Art (UCL, London). Her research in historical art methods often applies to her own artwork ranging from engravings to oil paintings, prints and from recent - large murals.

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