Dani Hache



"Moving always in a multidisciplinary territory, my work goes from animation to illustration, through design and combining traditional techniques with digital tools and processes."

Dani Hache is a Spanish multidisciplinary artist celebrated for his depictions of scenes of contemporary urban life, its social conventions, and changing fashions. His compulsive use of the medium reflects the way in which identity is constantly constructed and deconstructed by society’s insatiable appetite for images. Dani's artistic oeuvre is intelligent, engaged, striking, and responsive to the world in which we live. His artistic work addresses and explores stories and human concerns, having anatomy and color as the driving force. He conceives research and documentation as a necessary background that allows him to emphasize the ideas and messages that we seek to convey.

He frequently resorts to the human figure, to the subjected to different processes of distortion, transformation, and fragmentation. So this anatomy now responds to hybridization between the human and the pleasant, the animal and the waste through the that builds a critical discourse around human nature. Dani has completed the studies of Design and Illustration in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where he lives today. He has also specialized in the Realization of Animation and cartoons in Madrid.

Dani's work has been present in spaces such as Galerie Sakura (Paris, France) at the Assault Festival (International Festival of Urban Art of Zaragoza), Phe Gallery (Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife), Astarté (Urban Art Festival, Iniesta, Cuenca), Guimerá Theater (Santa Cruz, Tenerife), CAAM (Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno, Las Palmas), with works such as “Batman with Ajillo and Parsley” (The Fauna Guide, Editorial Anselmo) “Monthly Bonus” (Municipal buses, Las Palmas), or La Maldita Puerta de una Casa Encantada” (Anartistas Teatro), among others.

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