Alex Gambin



"My production revolves around social or cultural issues, all surrounded by an enormous interest in the memory, using mechanisms that offer the viewer a reflective game with the works."

Alex Gambin is a contemporary artist from Spain who creates mesmerizing portraits of people. His art practice is deeply invested in human portraiture, showcasing them as windows or portals for time travel to distant and not-so-distant histories of our society. Alex's artistic oeuvre brings together the implicit and the explicit in representing human deepest emotions. His stunning art tells the story of human relations issued in sharp, visually compelling details with a lasting sense not only of humanity’s collective impact on the planet but also their individual impact.

Alex Gambin's art provides striking viewing experiences to all viewers and allows them to examine in exquisite detail, the intricacies of human incursions throughout history. His work revolves around memory studies, using images, through translation into visual languages, such as useful tools for the construction of reflective proposals. Humanity is now changing the earth’s system more than all natural forces combined, and we bear to witness in an experiential way to these lasting impacts in Alex's striking art. The shifting of consciousness in his art creates mesmerizing contemporary allegories that reimagine relationships between individuals and communities and the land they inhabit.

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