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“Typos” Online Group Exhibition



2B Art Gallery is proud to present the “Typos” online group exhibition with four extraordinary graffiti artists Ben Eine, SheOne, TwoFlü, and Miquel Falgàs. Widely recognized for their approach to the graffiti movement, their work presents rigorous research in this field. Through their timely and provocative voices, these artists represent the vital role and place of the graffiti movement in the international contemporary art scene.

Celebrate painting by Ben Eine
Ben Eine – Celebrate, painting, 2019

It all starts with a brush stroke, which becomes a letter, which becomes a form, which describes us as people and makes us unique. In the art world, Graffiti is the art movement that has focused on lettering since the late 1960s. It began in New York as a street protest, in the form of people signing to claim their rights. Although some vandals appropriated it, many artists, influenced by design, their own and others’ typographic history, comics, and contemporary art, have evolved, contributing languages and styles of exceptional richness. In this exhibition, we group together four of them.

An image of an original artwork by SheOne - [ELECTRO GARDEN]
SheOne – [ELECTRO GARDEN], painting, 2021

While Ben Eine is the master of letterforms with style close to graphic design, SheOne has derived over the years his graffiti tag towards monochromatic gestural abstraction. From another generation, TwoFlü is inspired by millenary alphabets to create his own, while Miquel Falgàs turns the letter into a pure form of color in the movement.

An image of a mixed media artwork by Twoflü - Cometa
TwoFlü – Cometa, painting, 2022

Their interdisciplinary approach to the graffiti movement goes beyond the structures, systems, and narratives underlying today’s power asymmetries. These four powerful artistic voices hail from Great Britain and Spain, and their works, practices, and artistic visions show the strength and impact of urban art on our society. The “Typos” exhibition is rooted in the lived experience of the shortlisted artists, and the work on display reflects their diverse backgrounds and unique ways of seeing, thinking, and being in the world, expanding on what it means to be a graffiti artist working today.

Miquel Falgàs - Untitled #1 [Teixits Series]
Miquel Falgàs – Untitled #1 [Teixits Series], painting, 2022

Bringing together a selection of sixteen works by four graffiti artists, the “Typos” exhibition reveals the power of art to connect, engage and inspire. The exhibition celebrates the expressive energy of the graffiti movement as it has been employed, choreographed, and performed by artists to explore social issues or reveal the many facets of human contact and relationships.


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