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Originating in the area of ​​graffiti and urban art, Miquel Falgàs is a Spanish contemporary artist who perfectly blends different motifs into unique and eccentric art. Miquel conveys a sense of purposeful motion, capturing the urgent, impetus of our everyday lives. Often deeply philosophical, his incredible art has a universal spirit and emotion that transcends race, class, and language. It is almost like his art has the ability to articulate the fantasy and imaginative plot of our world.

By coquetting with abstract art and graffiti movement, Miquel Falgàs creates extraordinary artworks that leave none indifferent. He is interested in the role of art as a catalyst for revealing and addressing alternative and often silenced, marginalized narratives that transform our own understandings of the world. Miquel Falgàs' artistic universe is a rich visual language marked by color, symbols, and abstract features evoking different elements in a way that instantly conveys emotions.

Miquel Falgàs, who graduated from the School of Art and Design in Tarragona in 2015 after completing a degree in Arts applied to the wall and received the “Taronja Award” for the best final degree project with the project “4.979 / 3.465”, is currently taking the final course in Fine Arts at the San Carlos faculty of the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Coming from the field of graffiti, Falgàs, in his most recent work, revises urban aesthetics through multidisciplinary work. He has exhibited his work in various spaces in the provinces of Tarragona and Valencia and has intervened on numerous occasions in the public space through installation pictorial interventions.

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