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These Art Trends Are Dominating The 2023 Art Scene

As we are already in 2023, we couldn’t help but wonder what will be the hot art trends this year? What new and exciting movements will take the art world by storm? We share some insights on current art trends that may continue to gain popularity and evolve in the coming years. So, here is our prediction for the top 5 trends that will dominate the art scene in 2023.

Minimalism and Monochrome

In recent years, monochrome and minimalist art trends are making a huge comeback on the global art scene. Monochrome art seems to be the simplest thing for many, although the omnipotence of color, in its humblest, purest form, transcends the viewer’s vision. Artists creating monochrome art benefit from total freedom in their approach and technique.

The trend towards minimalism in art has been gaining popularity in recent years, with many artists exploring simple and pared-down aesthetics. This art trend is likely to continue as people seek a sense of calm and simplicity in a busy and cluttered world.

Urban Art (in all its glory)

Urban art (and all its genres) has been gaining mainstream recognition in recent years, with more galleries and institutions displaying works by urban art artists. From street art and graffiti to sculpture and sticker art, urban art is a diverse and dynamic form of expression that continues to evolve and push boundaries.

Many urban artists use their work to comment on political, social, and environmental issues, and to challenge established norms and power structures. This trend is likely to continue as urban art becomes increasingly accepted as a legitimate form of artistic expression.


Urban art sculptures take street art to the next level. Urban art sculptures can be designed to complement or contrast with the architecture and landscape of their surroundings, creating a dialogue between the artwork and the environment.

They can also be used to convey a message or commemorate a person or event. Today, urban sculpture continues to play an important role in shaping the visual and cultural identity of cities and their communities.

Large-Scale Abstracts

Oh yes, abstract art is coming in hot. Abstract art is not grounded in realistic visual perceptions, it abandons traditional ways of thinking, opens our imagination, and will continue to be a driving force throughout 2023.

Geometric patterning, alternative forms, bold lines, and deep color work harmoniously together, yet independent from any earthly visual representation. The last few years have seen a return to both collecting early abstract pieces as well as an influx of contemporary conceptual artists who have made a name for themselves in the art world.

Political Art

Political art, social justice art, and art as activism, it’s all having a major role in the 2023 art scene. With social issues at the forefront of public consciousness, more artists are using their work to explore topics such as racial inequality, gender identity, and political turmoil.

Urban artists today are using their work as a form of activism, addressing issues such as human rights, freedom of speech, and political corruption. The aim is to promote understanding, empathy, and action with the potential to create a lasting impact in communities around the world. All these types of art are powerful tools for inspiring social change and raising awareness about important social justice issues.

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