Dotmaster Shh limited edition print detail

7 Reasons Why Limited Edition Prints Should Be On Your Wall

Why do people buy art? Simple! Art is fantastic (no question about it) and all passionate individuals want it to be a part of their lives. It is aesthetically pleasing, can start a conversation, inspire viewer creativity, and transform people into more positive, well-rounded human beings.

That’s where we get to limited edition prints, a more affordable type of art (compared to original paintings). Firstly, a quick explanation of the difference. The original painting is an art that was created by the artist, by hand. It’s a one-of-a-kind, and the value is dictated by the market and body of work of the artist as a whole.

Limited edition prints are original artworks that an artist develops in a specific print medium. This type of art print is a limited reproduction to a specified number and is usually more budget friendlier than the original canvas. So, let’s break down 7 reasons why limited edition art prints should be on your walls.

Limited Edition Prints Are Awesome

Yes, limited edition prints are awesome. Whether they are the brightest, most sanguine prints, or they are thought-provoking pieces of art, the limited edition prints are definitely amazing. So, if you are seeking art to uplift your mood, or just want something deep and inspiring, limited edition prints are your address.


Collecting limited edition prints can provide a sense of exclusivity and ownership. Since the number of prints in an edition is limited, collectors may feel that they are part of an exclusive group that owns a particular artwork. When limited edition art print sizes are small, the individual artworks in the series become rare. In fact, this scarcity makes these pieces more desirable in the market.


Oh yes, these babies have value. Limited edition prints can be valuable investments, especially if they are created by well-known or highly regarded artists. As the number of prints in an edition is limited, the scarcity of the artwork can drive up its value over time.

Connection To The Artist

Collecting limited edition prints can also provide a way for collectors to connect with artists whose work they admire. By owning this type of artwork, collectors can feel that they have a piece of the artist’s work that is unique and special.


First and foremost, printmaking is an art. High-quality art prints are made using archival inks and paper that are designed to last for many years without fading or deteriorating. Basically, it’s a meticulous combination of detail and quality of materials used that make a limited edition print a truly extraordinary piece of art.


Limited edition prints are very affordable compared to original paintings. Whether they have a limited edition or an open edition, these types of artworks are the best bang for your buck.

Versatility And Availability

Cause of the quantity they are produced, limited edition prints are easier to find. And when it comes to versatility, these babies can blend in everywhere. Having some nice and valuable limited edition prints on your walls can transform boredom into fun, creativity, and better living.

Cover photo: Dotmaster