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Contemporary Artist Yoshihito Suzuki Joins 2B Art Gallery



Contemporary artist Yoshihito Suzuki is the newest addition to 2B Art Gallery’s repertoire of artists. Yoshihito Suzuki is a young artist born in Tokyo and based in Barcelona whose work revolves around the conceptual approach of the artificial to the natural.

Yoshihito Suzuki portrait image
Contemporary artist Yoshihito Suzuki

His profound art is part of the tool that carries plenty of social value being influenced by the context that surrounds him. Any object serves Yoshihito to provoke reflection in the spectator, criticize the current social situation, and make us aware of the change that must come. Aside from ceramic art, Yoshihito also creates murals, and installations, and works on canvas and paper.

Yoshihito Suzuki - Fragile World - Can We Be Originals?
Yoshihito Suzuki – Fragile World – Can We Be Originals?

He is recognized as an artist whose multidisciplinary works often reflect the dynamic potential embedded in our everyday lives. In fact, his body of work is an incredible showcase demonstrating the continuing impact of contemporary art on our society.

Yoshihito Suzuki - Fragile World_milk 01
Yoshihito Suzuki – Fragile World Milk

Yoshihito Suzuki blends technical brilliance with artistry in his works. By transcending the stereotypes of mass production of porcelain in his techniques, Yoshihito eliminates the fragility of the material and transforms them into novel states with a fluid harmony. This results in stunning works that are organic, dynamic, and powerful.

Yoshihito Suzuki - Monopoly
Yoshihito Suzuki – Monopoly

The fact that Yoshihito Suzuki is an artist of Japanese origin does not go unnoticed. The choice of ceramic appearance of his pieces, painted with blue markers, is reminiscent of Chinese porcelain from the Ming Dynasty in which he also includes gold, alluding to the Japanese Kintsugi tradition that uses this noble metal to repair fractures in ceramics. The result is surprisingly paradoxical as we find objects with a fragile, poetic appearance, which we recognize as everyday objects but are now endowed with totally opposite notations.

Yoshihito Suziki - Idea Orgánica - Lata
Yoshihito Suziki – Idea Orgánica – Lata

We are proud to continue partnering with artists from all over the world and to share their exceptional works with our visitors. By bringing together works of art and projects from various artists and their practices, we want to represent the variety and complexity of urban art and its extraordinary achievement.


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