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Yoshihito Suzuki is a young contemporary artist born in Tokyo and based in Barcelona whose work revolves around the conceptual approach of the artificial to the natural, belonging to the group of so-called environmental artists. Behind each of his pieces lies a clear and forceful discourse: man, although he comes from nature, destroys it at the same time as he creates an artificial and technological world that brings us comfort but distances us from ourselves. He recovers objects by recycling them and giving them a second life by painting them as if they were ceramics decorated with Mosschen (lichen + moss). These forms of tiny living organisms growing sequentially grouped together in extreme conditions can be extrapolated from the micro to the macro and thus speak of Nature and the artist's solution to climate change.

The fact that Yoshihito Suzuki is an artist of Japanese origin does not go unnoticed. The choice of ceramic appearance of his pieces, painted with blue markers, is reminiscent of Chinese porcelain from the Ming Dynasty in which he also includes gold, alluding to the Japanese Kintsugi tradition that uses this noble metal to repair fractures in ceramics. The result is surprisingly paradoxical as we find objects with a fragile, poetic appearance, which we recognize as everyday objects but are now endowed with totally opposite notations.

From a banana to a beverage can or a tetra brick, any object serves Yoshihito to provoke reflection in the spectator, to criticize the current social situation, and to make us aware of the change that must necessarily come. Yoshihito Suzuki also creates murals, and installations, and works on canvas and paper. He has participated in numerous exhibitions in countries such as France, Japan, Ireland, Iceland, and Spain. In 2020 he won the second prize in the Festival Pinta Malasaña and the last year he won two prizes in "Stripart 2022" (Barcelona) 2022, some of his works have been included in the virtual gallery of Urban Gallery 2022 and he has participated in the group exhibition of Gorila Arte (Madrid 2022).

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