Dotmaster's trash bag paintings

Dotmaster’s Brilliant High-Fashion Bags Tackle Consumerism

“We are consumers. We’re the by-products of a lifestyle obsession.”

Tyler Durden (Fight Club)

Every now and then, an artwork comes along that burrows into your brain and stays with you for a while. One of the greatest pleasures of art is opening your mind to new ideas and viewpoints. Set against a backdrop of rapid consumerism and obsession with high-fashion brands, Dotmaster’s utterly brilliant bags are scratching us right where we itch. This unique series of paintings and limited-edition prints highlight the toxic combination of obsession with fashion and rapid consumerism.

Whether providing a dark commentary on the dangers of consumerism, cynical denouncements as to the state of capitalism and consumerism, or even celebrating the sheer volume and luxuriousness, Dotmaster brilliantly tackles our society with his impeccable art.

It started as a joke, painting trompe l’oeil piles of trash on city streets in 2006. Over the years, the black refuse sacks were joined with brands that rose and fell in our collective consciousness

…Whatever the name, they all end up in the trash.


Dotmaster’s art is ever more relevant in current times, combining irreverent humor and a mischievous sense of mixing things up with an uncanny knack for juxtaposing the unusual with the humdrum – it conveys a tongue-in-cheek playfulness and discombobulation aimed to make us smile.

Dotmaster brilliantly depicts subdued drama out of commonplace subjects ‘layered with a poetic meaning’, inviting narrative interpretations, often unintended. His powerful images and anti-narrative symbolism makes us question everyday life. Awaken to endless possibilities, they help us to understand where we’re heading as a society.

Photos: Dotmaster