Clot Pink Pineapple Bearbrick figure

Medicom Toy & CLOT Expand Summer Fruits Bearbrick Figures



Let us introduce you to your new pine-ness: The Pink Pineapple Bearbrick figure. Medicom Toy and CLOT are expanding the famous Summer Fruits series. And oh boy, it’s quite a something.

Clot Pink Pineapple Bearbrick figure 400%

The CLOT x Medicom Toy Bearbrick “Summer Fruits” Pink Pineapple comes at the peak of summer. This exquisite Bearbrick figure draws inspiration from sandy beaches accompanied by swaying palm trees on a hot summer day.

“In the summertime, when the weather is hot, You can stretch right up and touch the sky…”

Clot Pink Pineapple Bearbrick figure

Coming in at 1000% and a set of 100% and 400% sizes, the Pink Pineapple Berabrick figure has a luscious, pink-colored hue (just like a real one). Quite frankly, it is more than a novelty fruit though.

The key design features a yellow-pattered body mimicking a pineapple’s distinct spiky appearance. Accompanied by a light pink, sun-kissed face paired with fitting green hair. Awesome, right?

After last year’s extraordinary Snow Strawberry and Yellow Watermelon Bearbrick figures, CLOT is now readying to add to its “Summer Fruits” series with another Medicom Toy Bearbrick collaboration. The new Pink Pineapple Bearbrick is a follow-up to CLOT’s Pineapple Bearbrick release from its 2010 “Exotic Fruits” series. On that note, here are all CLOT Bearbrick figures currently available on the market.

Clot Pink Pineapple Bearbrick figure detail

How’d you like them pine-apples?

Photos: CLOT


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