Shepard Fairey portrait

5 Unique Shepard Fairey Prints Under €500

Shepard Fairey’s unique art prints for under 500 euros? Yes sir! But first, let’s start this by saying Shepard Fairey is a leading figure in the world of street art, a man who is famous for his epochal counterculture-inspired art. And we simply love his art and pretty much everything he does. With his unique approach influenced by communist propaganda, brilliant mixture of graffiti, pop art, business art, and appropriation art, Shepard Fairey is breaking many rules of contemporary art.

Shepard Fairey American Hope campaign 2008

“I think that art has the ability to capture people’s imaginations and make them think that more is possible.”

Shepard Fairey

One of the biggest misconceptions about buying artwork is that it needs to be expensive to be nice, when, in fact, many art pieces under (let’s say 500 euros) can prove just how wrong that notion is. So today, we have decided to go old-school with 5 unique Shepard Fairey prints under €500. These prints are the essence of Shepard Fairey’s extraordinary oeuvre, so grab them while they’re hot.

An image of a print by Shepard Fairey - Lotus Ornament - Gold/Black (AP)
Shepard Fairey – Lotus Ornament – Gold/Black (AP)

1) Shepard Fairey – Lotus Ornament – Gold/Black (AP) 490€ — The lotus is a symbol of hope and purity; the flower radiates light. This 2019 art print by Shepard Fairey is surrounded by a crescent moon adorned with stars, a reference to the Virgin of Guadalupe who also stands on the moon, a symbol of purity in Catholicism. Fairey describes the images as “beauty and resolution out of chaos.” A truly marvelous piece of art.

Shepard Peace Guard 2 Stencil (Lisbon) print
Shepard Fairey – Peace Guard 2 Stencil (Lisbon)

2) Shepard Fairey – Peace Guard 2 Stencil (Lisbon) 450€ This 2017 limited edition print is loosely a sequel to the Peace Guard from 2008 and serves as a reminder that pushing for peace, ironically, requires militant vigilance itself. Peace is victory without war.

Shepard Fairey Burn Baby Burn print
Shepard Fairey – Burn Baby Burn

3) Shepard Fairey – Burn Baby Burn 290€ The 2021 limited edition print Burn Baby Burn, inspired by the aesthetics of “live fast – die young” rock ’n’ roll, is a critique of some harmful habits we are addicted to. Not just the harmful effects of burning fossil fuels, but also the dangerous psychology of denial and nihilism that underpins the apathy toward the planet’s future (and ours).

Shepard Fairey The Greed Depression print
Shepard Fairey – The Greed Depression

4) Shepard Fairey – The Greed Depression 490€ Inspired by Shepard Fairey’s cover for George Orwell’s “Down and Out in Paris and London”, this 2020 limited edition print is born out of a collaboration between Shepard Fairey and No Name and their mutual irritation with greed and the brutality of many aspects of capitalism.

Shepard Fairey Target Exceptions print
Shepard Fairey – Target Exceptions

5) Shepard Fairey – Target Exceptions 90€ The 2020 “Target Exceptions” print addresses the challenges of both visiting and becoming a resident of the United States for many people. There are various target criteria that make a person an ideal candidate to immigrate, but most people who might long to fulfill the “American Dream” are exceptions to the target qualifications, especially considering the attitudes and attempted policies of the current administration.

Photos: Widewalls, Britannica