New FDMTL Bearbrick figure

Medicom Toy & FDMTL Present New Denim Bearbrick Figure



New Bearbrick Alert! Medicom Toy and Japanese denim brand FDMTL have teamed up for another spectacular denim-clad iteration of our beloved Bearbrick figures. And oh Gosh, this is one real dandy Bearbrick figure.

FDMTL Bearbrick figure 400%

The fourth collaboration of Medicom Toy and FDMTL brings some new bold Bearbrick figures. Arriving in patterns inspired by the label’s signature distressed denim fabrics, these Bearbrick figures will be noticeably aged and faded.

Founded in 2005, Tokyo-based denim label FDMTL is known for its detail-rich Japanese indigo garments. They’ve been producing indigo denim garments which are made in Japan, the worldwide manufacturing capital for denim.

What makes this Bearbrick stand out from other figures is its more textured counterpart to the plastic Bearbrick figures that FDMTL released two years ago. This time around, however, meticulously sewn sashiko and boro patterns cover the model, displaying a variety of compositions like thin stripes, light distressing, and reinforced patches. The figures come with their own rustic patterns, offering unique designs with each Bearbrick figure. Quite amazing, right?

Photos: FDMTL


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