Sorayama Bearbrick figures at 2B Art Gallery

A Beginner’s Guide to Every Sorayama Bearbrick

It’s no secret that among luxury Bearbrick figures, Hajime Sorayama’s figures are the ones that dominate. The legendary Japanese artist has produced some incredible artworks for well over forty years now, and still going strong. Sorayama’s impeccable airbrush paintings and hyperreal illustrations rightfully made him a pioneer of the sci-fi erotica genre.

And the world literally went crazy when Medicom Toy and Hajime Sorayama joined forces. Medicom Toy and Hajime Sorayama’s Bearbrick figures have an appealing mix of sexiness, recognizable designs, and luxurious finishes. And the Bearbrick fans are crazy about them.

Hajime Sorayama Bearbrick at 2B Art & Toys Gallery

Hajime Sorayama’s sexy robots are home to some of the most iconic Bearbrick figures ever made. Polished, sexy, and highly exclusive, these Bearbrick figures are at the forefront of all the Medicom Toy collectibles. It’s no wonder why these Bearbrick figures are so extravagant and sought-after by collectors everywhere.
Naturally, the sexy robots lineup has expanded throughout its history with various models. The branding of Medicom Toy featuring many collaborations worked like a charm, turning individual Bearbrick figures into symbols of desire and luxury collectibles. Aside from Medicom Toy and BAPE, Hajime Sorayama has had several collaborations with other brands and artists like Daniel Arsham, Disney, and Marvel.

Bearbrick/Rabbrick Sorayama Sexy Robot Set 100%/400%

Today, we’ll be delving deep into the world of sexy robots and other Sorayama’s collaborations all in the form of Bearbrick figures. So, if you’re researching how to buy your first Sorayama Bearbrick figure (or to start/continue your collection), we’ve got it all covered right here. (The following selection is listed in no particular order, and yes, they come in various sizes and colors). Now, once we know all that, let’s get this show on the road.

Bearbrick/Rabbrick Sorayama Sexy Robot Set (Gold) at 2B Art & Toys Gallery

1) Like it or not, hot sexy robots are a new fashion trend, especially when they come in the form of a Bearbrick figure, created by the father of the sexy robot revolution – Hajime Sorayama and Medicom Toy. This very rare Bearbrick set (with the infamous Rabbrick) includes 4 figures: two of 100% and two of 400%. p.s. This set comes in a silver version also.

Bearbrick Sorayama x 2G Silver Ver. 100/400%
Bearbrick Sorayama x 2G Silver Ver. 100/400%

2) “Save all your kisses for me…” This incredible Sorayama × 2G Bearbrick figure in a silver version is something truly magnificent. You can find this Bearbrick figure in a gold version as well and they can even appear in the 200% (or Chogokin) metal format. Bear(brick) in mind that this is an open edition. This particular Bearbrick figure also comes in several variations, materials, and names (Kutani Pure Platinum Leaf, Royal Selangor, Tyga…).

3) This Ironman Bearbrick figure brings together the most distinctive elements of Hajime Sorayama perfectly mixed with the Iron Man. How cool is that?

Bearbrick Sorayama × BAPE(R) Camo Shark 100%/400%

4) The fantastic collaboration between three Japanese brands (Medicom Toy, BAPE, and Hajime Sorayama) was the first time the trio has worked together. And the result was truly exceptional – Sorayama × BAPE Camo Shark.

Bearbrick SORAYAMA x Daniel Arsham 1000%

5) In 2019, Hajime Sorayama collaborated with the famous contemporary artist Daniel Arsham, creating one truly unique, sought after, and expensive Bearbricks in the last few years. This Bearbrick was released at 2G Tokyo and features Arsham’s classes eroded designs alongside Sorayama’s futuristic and robotic metal.

Bearbrick Sorayama Sexy

6) The amazing genius Sorayama takes chrome and shiny textures to another level – This Bearbrick Sorayama Sexy Robot is a true example of simplicity and attractiveness.

7) When California label XLARGE and Hajime Sorayama joined forces in 2018, the final product was truly spectacular – Bearbrick x Xlarge x Hajime Sorayama.

Bearbrick x Hajime Sorayama x The Weeknd (2G Exclusive) Bearbrick figure

8) Produced in 2021, this Bearbrick x Hajime Sorayama x The Weeknd (2G Exclusive) presents the collaboration between Medicom Toy, Hajime Sorayama, and The Weeknd, a famous Canadian singer-songwriter and record producer.

9) The favorite mouse in history with the touch of Hajime Sorayama: Bearbrick x Sorayama Future Mickey, Bearbrick x Sorayama x Disney Future Mickey Mouse (2nd Color Ver.), and Bearbrick x Hajime Sorayama x Disney Future Mickey (2G Exclusive) – These versions of Mickey Mouse look so futuristic, so extraordinarily beautiful and they are some of the cleanest and shiniest Bearbricks you’ll ever see.

Bearbrick x BAPE x Hajime Sorayama Baby Milo

10) BAPE (A Bathing Ape) has collaborated with Japan’s leading artist Hajime Sorayama and Medicom Toy for the set of Baby Milo Bearbrick figures, colored with Sorayma’s futuristic vibe in silver and gold. Baby Milo is a boy monkey character from the Japanese company Sanrio. He is a character created by “The Bathing Ape”, or “BAPE”, a street fashion clothing company that has been around since 1993.

Bearbrick x Tyga x Hajime Sorayama

11) More gold? Sure, just say so. The collaboration between the famous rapper TYGA and Sorayama x Medicom Toy results in an edition very similar to the Rabbrick but in the bear version with a pattern on the back. In silver version too.

Bearbrick 2G Reverse

12) For this last one, we are not quite sure does it belong to the Hajime Sorayama family of Bearbrick figures. So, just in case, we’ll put Bearbrick 2G Reverse in the last place on the list. The very famous shop and gallery in Tokyo, the 2G, has the logo designed by Hajime Sorayama. There are two versions with the logo on the translucent chest and gold and silver on the body. And yes, it glows in the dark if you put the batteries in.

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Photos: Hajime Sorayama