Daniel Arsham



"I like to do things in a specific way to make sure they're done correctly, and I'm not willing to sacrifice that for anything."

Daniel Arsham is an American artist who took numerous accolades for bringing something new to the contemporary art scene. He is internationally recognized for his contemporary art approach that challenges the notion of time and archaeology through cast objects featuring everyday items. And he does it marvelously. He once stated that "art needs to be a little dangerous". His extraordinary art is exactly "dangerous". Daniel Arsham's art is tackling the viewers to question their everyday surroundings, the mere notion of existence, and our past, present, and future. His unique work is strongly related to space and encompasses several disciplines, such as sculpture, installation, architecture, or performance.

As an architect, artist, filmmaker, and fashion designer, Daniel Arsham's art blurs the boundary between the several categories. Witnessing his childhood home become the wreckage of a hurricane and seeing “what’s inside the walls” impressed upon him a fluid understanding of architecture. From his studio in New York, his personal creations invite us to change the perception we have of the spaces we inhabit. This is one of the reasons why, for him, architecture plays a fundamental role in his works. Daniel Arsham is color blind, he can see approximately twenty percent of what a person can normally distinguish. Reflecting this is his art, nearly always lacking color, monochromatic at the most. Arsham himself modestly puts what he does as “taking everyday things and playing with expectations”.

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