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5 Mesmerizing Calligraffiti Paintings

What do we get when the calligraphy unavoidably crosses paths with graffiti? The answer is one truly mesmerizing art form called calligraffiti. This unique art form combines calligraphy, typography, and graffiti. And this is where we get to the main protagonist of this article – TwoFlü and his mesmerizing art. This Spanish artist creates mesmerizing calligraffiti paintings where the letter compositions convey powerful messages that go beyond the literal meaning of a phrase.

TwoFlü talks to visitors about his calligraffiti art at 2B Art Gallery
TwoFlü (left) talks to visitors at 2B Art Gallery

Fascinated by the aesthetics found in letters, TwoFlü dares to delve deep into the shape of a word, approaching the challenge differently. His perplexing style is rooted in calligraphy but playfully moves towards abstract painting. Finally, all that is perfectly blended within the graffiti art movement. And now, let us examine some truly unique calligraffiti paintings you will surely love.

Mesmerizing Calligraffiti Paintings

Twoflü - Cometa calligraffiti painting
TwoFlü – Cometa

1) TwoFlü – Cometa — The first exquisite calligraffiti painting on our list is entitled “Cometa”. TwoFlü combines the rich history of calligraphy with a progressive urban edge of graffiti. It’s about movement, meditation, and lasting impact. Calligraffiti is a power in its own right.

Twoflü - Olé calligraffiti painting
TwoFlü – Olé

2) TwoFlü – Olé — Cast your vote of appreciation for TwoFlü, he truly creates mesmerizing art. TwoFlü nurtures the concept of freedom above everything else, and this notion is reflected in his calligraffiti art. This freedom of movement, interpretation, shapes, and colors all clash into one stunning composition.

Twoflu - Tranquilo calligraffiti painting
TwoFlü – Tranquilo

3) TwoFlü – Tranquilo — Are you ready for something seriously cool? Here’s an example of TwoFlü’s brilliance. By effectively defying the “rules” of graffiti and combining freestyle and hand-painted aesthetics, his calligraffiti paintings are an invitation to a dynamic visual experience.

Twoflü - Solleric #1 calligraffiti painting
TwoFlü – Solleric #1

4) TwoFlü – Solleric #1 — Now, this is what we like to call captivating art. Chaotic and free, yet balanced and composed, TwoFlü’s mesmerizing paintings leave no one indifferent. This calligraffiti painting appears almost as if the entire piece was captured still in a moment of utter chaos and motion.

Twoflü - Alegría calligraffiti painting
TwoFlü – Alegría

5) TwoFlü – Alegría — For all you calligraffiti lovers out there – We have a badass painting for you. Upon closer examination, one might discern a few words, distorted and warped into the undistinguishable shapes which dominate the painting. It almost makes the viewer wish to go deeper into it, to see what’s hiding beyond the plethora of brilliant twirling lines.

Source: Widewalls


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