Buff Monster painting detail

5 Incredible Melty Artworks by Buff Monster

By the pricking of my thumbs, something melty this way comes. Are you ready for some melty and happy characters living in happy bubbly worlds? Today we take a look at 5 incredible melty artworks by Buff Monster.

Buff Monster‘s unique characters are brightly colored and gooey. They melt, they are lovable, they are ice-creamy, they are goofy, and they are so sweet. And they will make you go “aww”. As a prolific artist, globe trotter, painter of walls and canvases alike, sculptor of adorable toys, and a fan of the color pink, the enigmatic and quite extraordinary artist Buff Monster surprises and amuses in all mediums.

Based on ice cream cones and cute melting one-eyed monsters, Buff Monster creates narratives that reference art history and our contemporary society in a unique way. These 5 incredible melty artworks by Buff Monster reveal the power of art to connect, engage and inspire. And because they bring joy and happiness.

Incredible Melty Artworks by Buff Monster

1) Buff Monster – Melty Harmony #1 — The first exquisite painting on our list of the 5 incredible artworks by Buff Monster is named “Melty Harmony #1”. There’s something mesmerizing, even meditative, about Buff Monster’s characters. This painting shows what’s new on the melty, gloopy horizon. Quite charming, isn’t it?

2) Buff Monster – Something Melty This Way Comes, Part 7 — By the pricking of my thumbs, something melty this way comes on our top 5 list of Buff Monster’s artworks. So, if you’re craving for more melting goodness, here’s another amazing painting by Buff Monster. This painting celebrates the expressive energy of Buff Monster’s unique characters in a very sweet and melty way.

3) Buff Monster – Impossible Decree 13 — It’s crazy how there are so many normal, day-to-day things that really soothe our souls. And one of them is Buff Monster’s painting the “Impossible Decree #13” which guarantees freedom of melting, so step right in and claim your right.

4) Buff Monster – Bronze Liberty Sculpture — Crafted in bronze, this is Buff Monster‘s celebration of the Statue of Liberty. It features his signature one-eyed ice cream character carrying a melting double-scoop ‘torch’. Seduced by infinitely detailed and meticulously glazed surfaces, the viewer is confronted with the juxtaposition of childhood innocence and lovely melting sculpture.

5) Buff Monster – Restraint — No cute melting can’t be restrained! And we assure you, no Buff Monster characters were harmed in the making of this painting.

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Photos: Buff Monster