Urban art sculptures at 2B Art Gallery

5 Extraordinary Urban Art Sculptures

If painting is classified as a ‘static’ art, then sculpture is a ‘dynamic’ art. Urban art aficionados, today we will discuss dynamic art, and to be more precise, we will examine 5 extraordinary urban art sculptures. It’s no secret the popularity of urban art sculpture is on the rise, not only in public places, displays, and exhibitions but in personal spaces as well.

Banksy Flower Thrower statue at 2B Art & Toys Gallery
Banksy 3ft Flower Bomber statue at 2B Art Gallery

Sculpture engages a viewer with its three-dimensional dynamics and often sends out a message. So, let us further explore this fascinating, engaging, and bewildering art form that will seduce you and make you stop to think for a second, and perhaps even invite you to contemplate life. We have selected 5 extraordinary works that stand out in the world of three-dimensional urban art.

Extraordinary Urban Art Sculptures

1) Urban art sculpture by El Pez & Stinkfish entitled BCN BTÁ — Let’s get this party started with one big and quite extraordinary urban art sculpture by El Pez and Stinkfish. Definitely not just another brick in the wall.

This exquisite piece shows how beneath Stinkfish’s apparent simplicity lies a complex, subtle, and profoundly humanist perspective on life, and on the other side, we see the humorous and whimsical world of El Pez. This astonishing collaboration between El Pez & Stinkfish takes us on a journey from Barcelona to Bogota on a different level.

2) Banksy 3ft Flower Bomber sculpture — Our list of the 5 extraordinary urban art sculptures wouldn’t be complete without Banksy‘s remarkable piece. After the tremendous success with the mural and prints, one of Banksy’s most iconic artworks now comes in a form of a sculpture 90cm high. Love Is In The Air, aka Flower Bomber, first saw the light of day as a large stencil graffiti in Bethlehem. It shows a masked Palestinian throwing a bouquet of flowers. p.s. This magnificent sculpture also comes in a smaller version. If you’re keen on discovering more about Banksy’s art toys and figures, we got some recommended reading for you: All Banksy Inspired Art Toys.

3) Buff Monster Bronze Liberty urban art sculpture — Fancy something melty and extremely adorable? Well, we’ve got a thing for you. Crafted in bronze, this is Buff Monster‘s celebration of the Statue of Liberty that features his signature one-eyed ice cream character carrying a melting double-scoop ‘torch’. Seduced by his infinitely detailed and meticulously glazed surfaces, the viewer is confronted with the juxtaposition of childhood innocence and lovely melting sculpture.

4) D-Face – Dog Save The Queen urban art sculpture — The Dog Save the Queen bust presents her majesty in D-Face signature aesthetic with the iconic wings sprouting from her head and her cheeky tongue sticking out. Standing 40 cm tall, the light gray edition of the Dog Save the Queen polystone sculpture features a square base emblazoned with ‘Regina’ (Latin for Queen). D-Face’s memorable image of the Queen of England featured in several of his paintings now comes in a limited-edition polystone sculpture from Medicom Toy’s sync brand.

5) Dotmaster – Chanel Bronze urban art sculpture — Fancy a Chanel bag? We’ve got you covered 😍 This remarkable bronze cast statue is created by Dotmaster, a magician of counterpoint and refined aesthetics, who creates utterly smart, funny, and, witty artworks. This amazing art piece addresses the tragic side of consumerism and obsession with high-end fashion. Dotmaster brilliantly depicts subdued drama out of commonplace subjects ‘layered with a poetic meaning’, inviting narrative interpretations, often unintended.

p.s. Here’s a bonus cause they simply look so amazing:

Photos: El Pez