Pinocchio art toys at 2B Art Gallery Palma de Mallorca

5 Amazing Pinocchio Art Toys For Grown-Ups

Inspired by the new Pinocchio live-action movie, today we examine 5 amazing Pinocchio art toys for grown-ups. Audiences still fall head over heels for the wooden puppet who wishes to be a real boy. But our art toy versions of Pinocchio are definitely not for all audiences.

Pinocchio A Wood Awakening art toy at 2B Art Gallery
Pinocchio A Wood Awakening art toy at 2B Art Gallery

These art toys are naughty, shocking, and definitely not suitable for children. That’s why grown-ups adore these art toys and figures. If you are tired of all the standard issue collectible art toys, welcome aboard. Get your kids away, cause these unique Pinocchio art toys have a naughty twist.

5 Amazing Pinocchio Art Toys For Grown-Ups

1) Juce Gace x Mighty Jaxx – A Wood Awakening #FR2 Edition β€” By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes. The first Pinocchio figure for grown-ups is indeed wicked and naughty. A Wood Awakening #FR2 Edition Pinocchio has a nice yellow hoodie, grown bunny ears, and a boner. Cute or creepy, you be the judge.

2) Juce Gace – A Wood Awakening Inner Struggle β€” Another amazing Pinocchio collectible figure from Juce Gace. Ahh, that problem when lying grows unexpectedly. This Pinnochi figure here is a grown-up take of the iconic fairy tale character, but with one key, manly difference. This grown-up version is having the morning wood as every single male does πŸ™ˆ

3) Fools Paradise – Pino: I Had A Bad Day β€” Is Pinocchio actually a bad boy? Well, this one certainly is. With Joker makeup on, this Pinocchio figure from The Fools Paradise looks like he’s plotting something evil and vile. This is a textbook example of how an innocent and well-behaved puppet can become a clown prince of crime.

4) Juce Gace – A Wood Awakening East Meets West Twin Set Pinocchio β€” Pinocchio as bloodsucking vampires set? Shut up and take my money. When East meets West in one amazing set. p.s. these figures also have a morning wood “problem”. So, who will win the battle of the boners?

5) Mighty Jaxx x Juce Gace – A Wood Awakening Donkey BFF Gateway Edition β€” Pinocchio, the donkey-eared real boy, and his newfound best friend Jiminy Cricket decided that their next destination will be somewhere cooler, warmer, and much less sinister. They both have awesome Hawaiian shirts, they are both ready to party, and they both have morning wood. The greatest adventure is what lies ahead.

We can’t look at Pinocchio the same way ever againπŸ˜‚

Photos: Amen