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“To entertain you is a pleasure and a real privilege”

Juce Gace is a famous French artist and designer celebrated for his playful A Wood Awakening art toys. He recreates our childhood heroes with a slightly naughtier tone. He has experienced a meteoric rise in the past few years mostly for his highly-coveted limited edition sculptures and toys that transform imagery from popular culture with his own unique twist.

Juce Gace magically turns designer toys into collectible art. He has a penchant for exposing the macabre behind the familiar to conjure the uncanny. It is no coincidence that the appropriate childish pop-culture imagery such as the memorable puppet-turned-naughty-boy Pinocchio, punished for his compulsive lying with an ever-growing nose, just in his case – an erection. With his dark and comical interpretations of popular imagery, Juce Gace goes beyond a critique or glorification of mass culture to surpass the distinctions between high and low culture. His art toys have a different way of storytelling, they show us a completely naughty side of stories we take for granted, just with a new cheerful interpretation. Bear in mind that his art toys are not for children, although they are vivid, meticulous, and super funny.

Usually made from vinyl and riffed off of pop culture tropes, Juce Gace brilliantly creates cute but perverted toys. They are hilarious and vintage novelty adult toys which won’t leave you indifferent. Was Disney unconsciously imposing an erect penis on the puppet’s face? That is surely what Juce Gace explores with his iconic Pinocchio toy.


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