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5 Quirky Art Prints Under €300

When we think about it, there is at least one quirky and bizarre counterpart for every picturesque artwork. Right? Quirky art prints. Offbeat art prints. Unusual art prints. Affordable weird art. That is what we love. And today, we’re going to dive, headfirst, into the world of quirky art prints. And not just any quirky art print, we examine 5 quirky art prints under €300. So fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Cyrcle Sometimes You’Re A Cowboy print
Cyrcle – Sometimes You’re A Cowboy

1) Cyrcle – Sometimes You’re A Cowboy — Let’s kick off our list of the 5 quirky art prints under €300 with one truly astounding art print by Cyrcle. Cyrcle is a two-man collective made up of American artists David Leavitt and David Torres. They strive to shed light on otherwise dark matters, thoughtfully exposing the gray areas of life. Their work focuses on life, duality, and the human condition. Cyrcle’s art is poetic, complex, and ambitious. It penetrates through countless layers to set free the poetic images hidden beneath this unique and quirky art print. And limited edition print from 2013 costs just 250€.

setdebelleza I Want To Believe print
setdebelleza – I Want To Believe

2) setdebelleza – I Want To Believe — Our second pick on the list of the 5 quirky art prints under €300 goes to one truly exceptional artist setdebelleza and his quirky art print. As we yearn for something greater and more meaningful than what’s immediately around us, setdebelleza invites questions about the role of religion, the role of science, and whether the two ought to be regarded as opposing forces or parts of a whole. This one truly quirky art print is available for 220€.

Fintan Magee The Lighthouse print
Fintan Magee – The Lighthouse

3) Fintan Magee – The Lighthouse — Alright, alright, it may not be the quirkiest art print, but it still has a well-deserved place on our list of the 5 quirky art prints under €300. “The Lighthouse” comes from Fintan Magee’s “Waterworld” series of paintings, telling stories of the artist’s personal experience during the 2011 Brisbane floods. Fintan Magee uses a mixture of storytelling, dream-like imagery, and dynamic figurative work to talk about issues surrounding the environment and climate change. The price of this unique quirky art print is 300€.

setdebelleza Ponyeater print
setdebelleza – Ponyeater

4) setdebelleza – Ponyeater — If the previous art print on our list of the 5 quirky art prints under €300 wasn’t too quirky, let us introduce you to Ponyeater. This is wicked, brilliant and one truly quirky art print. Through his tongue-and-cheeky style, setdebelleza magically flirts with the viewer and makes him think outside the box. By creating easily comprehensible images with unique characters, his art mirrors the social situations of our everyday life. This quirky art print costs 220€.

setdebelleza Find Us print
setdebelleza – Find Us

5) setdebelleza – Find Us — Immerse yourself in the mischievous and surreal world of the great setdebelleza and his quirky art prints. Through his meticulously created art prints, setdebelleza sends a subtly expressive message of social criticism. His art brilliantly depicts subdued drama out of commonplace subjects ‘layered with a poetic meaning’, inviting narrative interpretations, often unintended. His powerful images and anti-narrative symbolism “touch us where we are most vulnerable”. And that’s why we simply adore setdebelleza’s quirky art. This print can be yours for 220€.

Photos: Cyrcle, setdebelleza, Fintan Magee.


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