"We left our families, We abandoned our homes, We worked for nothing, We slept on floors, We partied hard, We lost our minds, We danced with the devil, We faced our fears, We swallowed our pride, We gave our hearts, We tried and failed, We followed our dreams, We are cyrcle, We never die!"

CYRCLE is a collective consisting of American artists David Leavitt and David Torres, from Los Angeles, California. Their approach to art emphasizes life, duality, and the human condition shared with the aesthetic contemplation of form, typeface, color. This art duo makes murals, paintings, sculptures, and interactive installations that explore themes of life, duality, and humanity.

Known for their massive art installations, the street art duo David Leavitt and David Torres of CYRCLE recently transformed an underground parking garage in downtown Montréal into a large-scale installation. Entitled “Present Futurism: Space is Everything,” the project features vivid murals across the two-story space. Abstract patterns, neon typography, and space-inspired depictions are observed on the walls, floors, and columns of the garage. Organized by Lune Rouge and LNDMRK, the installation “explores the themes of life, the universe, and the human condition”.

They also have collaborated with monkey time. They joined forces to work on a new capsule collection titled “YING & YANG.” The limited-edition series of wares boasts monochromatic hues and aptly consists of painter’s coats, work shirts, graphic tees, as well as painter’s trousers. Key pieces in the gamut include a tonal black jacket with “BUILD A BRIDGE” text on the back portion, white long-sleeve tees featuring artwork by CYRCLE., and loose-fitting pants with a tiger graphic embellished on the back pocket.

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