Nick Walker - Revolt, limited edition print detail

10 Urban Art Pieces To Spark Conversation

Let’s face it, conversation is an art that’s dying very fast. In this age of the digital revolution, people hardly have time to engage in meaningful conversation. That’s why urban art pieces on this list need to be cherished because they do spark conversation. There are many urban artworks out there that are pretty much universally adored.

An image of an original artwork by Nick Walker - White Panties
Nick Walker – White Panties, 2000

And of course, there’s the other side of that coin. We’re talking about urban art pieces that spark a conversation. These are the lightning rod artworks that have never stopped causing debates that may never end. Art has the power to provoke thought and ignite conversation, and some art forms are particularly effective at doing so. Here’s our pick of a few examples of urban art pieces that will definitely spark conversation. And the best part, all these artworks are available at 2B Art Gallery.

Conversation Starters (trust us 🙈)

Truth be told, our list wouldn’t be complete without Banksy. The man’s a legend when it comes to controversial art. And the 3ft Flower Bomber is one of the finest examples. As one of the most prominent art provocateurs, Banksy’s art pieces will definitely spark a conversation and make you think outside the box.

His staggering art full of irony makes it a devastating critique of snobbery and smug elitism, tackling almost all parts of our society. From wars, global warming, and freedom, to poverty, politics, and religion, Banksy has done it all.

If this urban art print won’t spark the conversation about peace, nothing will. “Peace Fingers” by Shepard Fairey is a custom art limited edition print for Blake Mycoskie and TOMS‘ #EndGunViolence together campaign, that addresses ending gun violence. Truly a remarkable piece.

Shepard Fairey’s art often presents social and political commentary, using bold and graphic imagery to convey his message. He frequently addresses issues such as the environment, human rights, and social justice, and his art often calls attention to the power dynamics at play in society.

A beautiful pile of trash on the wall? Now, that’s a conversation starter. In this utterly brilliant urban art painting, The Dotmaster highlights the toxic combination of obsession with fashion and rapid consumerism.

Whether providing a dark commentary on the dangers of consumerism, cynical denouncements as to the state of capitalism and consumerism, or even celebrating the sheer volume and luxuriousness, The Dotmaster brilliantly tackles our society with his impeccable art.

A true rebel in the world of street art, Nick Walker’s artworks are instant conversation starters. Ohh yes, pretty much all of his brilliant art pieces will guarantee some head-turning and discussing. Walker’s art is heavily influenced by the early New York graffiti movement, and his work often incorporates elements of humor, satire, and social commentary.

His work often incorporates humor and satire, and he frequently comments on the intersections of popular culture and consumerism. Nick Walker is also known for his use of layering and texture, which gives his pieces a sense of depth and dimensionality.

If this Statue of Liberty doesn’t make you go aww, nothing will. Buff Monster‘s version of America’s most famous symbol is something very adorable and something different in the quest for freedom and upholding it.

As a very prolific urban art artist, globe trotter, painter of walls and canvases alike, sculptor of adorable toys, and a fan of the color pink, the enigmatic and quite extraordinary artist Buff Monster surprises and amuses in all mediums.

Oh boy! This is urban art piece is a conversation starter for virtually any situation. Art and politics do get along, at least when the multi-disciplinary artist Dadara creates it. Dadara’s art frequently explores themes of spirituality, politics, technology, and the human condition, and he often incorporates elements of humor and playfulness into his work.

“In Mindfuck We Trust” limited edition print is a call to humans to do the right thing and open their minds before is too late. It’s all about the big picture issues like human dignity and government responsibility in ways that we can unify and stop being like sheep, subconsciously following a minority of individuals.

Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away…. Fasten your seatbelts and come fly with Lucy Sparrow and her sought-after felt creations. This urban art elt artwork is instantly magnetic and appealing, and as such, a real conversation starter.

With her quirky yet subversive art, Lucy is making soft, tactile, colorful felt creations that represent themes of consumerism and consumption in the world we live in⁠. Her fluffy art is bridging the distance between fine art and craft.

Well, this impressive painting can spark conversation and boost your mood in seconds. Add an extra dose of joy and positivity to your day with Ben Eine‘s remarkable painting “I’m So Happy Very Very Happy”.

Pretty much all of Ben Eine’s astonishing artworks are immediate conversation starters and mood-boosters and as such, they foster feelings of relaxation, creativity, and inspiration.

SheOne’s astonishing abstract graffiti pieces are fantastic conversation starters as every piece has a unique interpretation based on the eye of the beholder. No doubt about that.

This remarkable artist examines the possibilities and limitations of a painting by experimenting with the ambition to depict the world without the distraction of many colors.

Do you know that feeling when certain pieces of art just cheer you up? Well, you’re in for a smile treatment, because this exquisite urban art painting by El Pez will definitely bring some smiles and put a conversation on the table.

Quite frankly, it’s non-stop fun with El Pez and his unique fish characters that will surely put a smile on your face. And where is a laugh, there is a conversation involved.

Cover image: The Art of Nick Walker