Ben Eine at 2B Art Gallery

5 Ben Eine Paintings To Boost Your Mood

The man, the myth, the legend, Ben Eine is one of the leading street artists on today’s art scene. Through his distinct typographic style, Ben Eine is widely regarded as one of the most successful letterform artists in the world. A supreme master of contemporary urban art, his work has already reached the level of iconic over a decade ago and has been a major influence on street artists for at least the past 20 years now.

Ben Eine paintings at 2B Art Gallery
Ben Eine paintings at 2B Art Gallery

Some of Ben Eine’s astonishing paintings are immediate mood-booster and as such, they foster feelings of relaxation, creativity, and inspiration. Now, let’s explore the idea that merely viewing a piece of art affects one’s mood, and indirectly promotes health and well-being. And one of the best examples is none other than the king of lettering Ben Eine.

So, if you are seeking art to uplift your mood, let’s take a closer look at 5 Ben Eine paintings that will boost your mood and brighten your day:

1) Ben Eine – I’m So Happy Very Very Happy XL — Well, this impressive painting can boost your mood in seconds. Just the simple, positive message and its colors will truly warm your heart every time you look at it. In case you wonder, yes, this astonishing painting has a small limited edition print version as well.

2) Ben Eine – Sensation — Can you feel the sensation? Add an extra dose of joy and positivity to your day with Ben Eine’s remarkable painting “Sensation” made in collaboration with Lucie Flynn. If you are looking to buy a painting that makes you feel energetic, warm, and excited – Sensation is the right painting for you.

3) Ben Eine – Someone To Love — Spot on there Mr. Eine! This exquisite painting by the king of lettering is inspired by the iconic song of The Blues Brothers “Everybody Needs Somebody”. This amazing painting conveys a certain softness and warmth to its audience.

4) Ben Eine – I Need You — Through this very unique painting, Ben Eine is showing that selflessness and acceptance of someone else’s importance and value are beyond you. If you like to get lost in art, while feeling a sense of calmness and relaxation, look no further. Don’t be afraid to say “I need you”.

5) Ben Eine – Me You Them Everybody – S — Inspired by the famous song from the Blues Brothers, Ben Eine created this extraordinary painting. “And please remember people, that no matter who you are, And what you do to live, thrive, and survive, There are still some things that make us all the same, You, me, them, everybody, everybody”. The beautiful mixture of bright colors makes this painting an effective mood booster.

Photos: Ben Eine