Visitors at 2B Art Gallery

La Nit de l’Art 2022 at 2B Art Gallery Palma

2B Art Gallery will be at the forefront this weekend at the most prestigious art event at Palma de Mallorca – La Nit de l’Art. Let’s put it this way, 2B Art Gallery is a place to be. La Nit de l’Art, the cornerstone of the art season, will be marked with fantastic events you cannot miss.

La Nit De'l Art and Dadara exhibition opening card
La Nit de l’Art and Dadara exhibition opening card

You’re in for an art treat. On the 15th of September, 2B Art Gallery introduces the Ancient Future Lifeforms art exhibition by Dadara, offering the opportunity to see the work of the world-famous multidisciplinary artist from a unique perspective, bringing new insights into his vision of our contemporary world. As one of the most fascinating and prolific Dutch artists of the 21st century, Dadara expanded the traditional practice of urban art in groundbreaking ways.

Greyman Statue by Dadara
Dadara – Greyman Statue Of No Liberty, in front of Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

The highlight of the evening will be a live painting performance where Dadara will paint his iconic character the Greyman, which will later be offered for sale.

Dadara Greyman painting
Dadara’s legendary character Greyman

Friday, 16th of September, will be marked with the presentation of a new limited edition print by Dadara. Entitled “In Mindfuck We Trust”, this limited edition print is a brilliant notion of socio-economical conditions and political context brilliantly wrapped and hidden in Dadara’s art.

Dadara - In the Future drawing
Dadara’s brilliant drawing

On September 17th, we will have a grand opening and a presentation of Dadara’s extraordinary mural. Painted at 2B Art Gallery, this majestic mural will be a new gem on the street art scene of Palma de Mallorca.

2B Art Gallery Palma de Mallorca
2B Art Gallery Palma de Mallorca

Aside from Dadara’s exhibition and art, visitors will be immersed in art the moment they cross the threshold into the gallery. With a wide variety of unique Art Toys and rare Bearbrick figures, 2B Art Gallery is Majorca’s major contemporary art venue where you can find unique and provocative artworks from prominent artists.

The London Police, Nick Walker and SheOne at 2B Art Gallery
The London Police, Nick Walker, and SheOne at 2B Art Gallery

From Nick Walker and The London Police, all the way to El Pez and SheOne, 2B Art Gallery is home to a carefully curated collection of original, powerful, and inspiring artworks. Just come and explore thousands of pieces of exclusive art.

Photos: Dadara