Wonder Woman limited edition print by setdebelleza

“Wonder Woman” Print Release by setdebelleza

2B Art & Toys Gallery is proud to announce the new print release of setdebelleza, a true master of neo-pop art. setdebelleza is a rare find as an artist, with an astounding command of a broad range of techniques and aesthetics. He demonstrates mastery in printmaking and drawing through his eye-catching artworks that have a powerful impact on contemporary life.

Wonder Woman print by setdebelleza

Wonder Woman


Ed. 25 signed and numbered

50 x 35 cm, 2 colors

Printed on 350g free acid quality paper


“Wonder Woman” is a limited edition print with immersive symbols of immediate consumption and reflections of our contemporary society, all perfectly wrapped in setdebelleza’s acidic and ironic universe. With her Lasso of Truth, Wonder Woman has the power to force anyone caught to obey any command given them, even overriding the mind control of others. But setdebelleza’s incredible print sends a message that the power of communication over violence is more important. This print is a symbol to remind us that women are heroes who will change the world. Just a pure glowing example of ceaseless curiosity, boundless courage, and world-changing ingenuity.

Work in Progress


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