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“Crew On View” Group Exhibition



Are you ready to gaze at some unbelievable art?

This Thursday, do not miss the grand opening of the “Crew On View” group exhibition featuring the best urban art Majorca has to offer.

Crew on View Group exhibition poster

2B Art & Toys Gallery is delighted to present a major survey of Majorca’s urban art, featuring the incredible works of eight local artists. The eight artists include: Joan Aguiló, Carolina Adán, Abraham Calero, Javier Garló, Gràcia Ribalaiga, Ruth Minola Scheibler, setdebelleza, and TwoFlü.

Highlighting the best of urban art, this exhibition will take you on a journey through this all-encompassing art genre. The 2B Art & Toys Gallery visitors are invited to engage directly with the artists and their unique art by exploring the data that surrounds, informs, and shapes our existence within the contemporary world we live in. Each of the eight artists is bringing something different to the show, making it a one-of-a-kind experience. Although their approaches are poles apart, their richly layered art is part of the tool that carries plenty of social value being influenced by the context that surrounds artists.

Origins detail Abraham Calero artwork

Their awe-inspiring artworks will provide you new forms, new ideas, and new emotions. It will give you a new meaning and open new perspectives. Through this breadth of approaches, what is presented by one artist, is questioned by another. It is all about pushing the boundaries of urban art. And that is exactly what this show will do.

Joan Aguilo mural

The exhibition opens on Thursday 16th September and finishes on the 28th of October.


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