SheOne Print Making BLCKFLWRS

SheOne “BLCKFLWRS” Print Release

SheOne, a true master of monochromatic street art, examines the possibilities and limitations of a painting by experimenting with the ambition to depict the world without the distraction of many colors.


Silkscreen print

Ed. 30 + 8 AP hand-finished

Plain edition: 56,5 x 56,5 cm

AP: 50 x 49,5 cm


SheOne’s “BLCKFLWRS” limited edition print presents the image that has been altered from its realistic appearance, an image that has been simplified to reveal only basic forms. This limited edition monochromatic print represents the idea of simplifying elements and stepping away from realistic representation. In his incredible work, the play of light and dark enabled SheOne to define the form and create pure visual poetry, as true beauty doesn’t come through the representation of the material world, it comes from the human soul.

Work in Progress


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